Marcus Crandell shocker.......

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MC back for 2009 TC = good karma for ET and the Green Gods.

MC as a guest coach for the QB's is exactly what young Darian Durant needs to get him to that next caliber of play . Awesome move by ET

It's almost sacrilegious the term "mentor" on these boards, but I gotta say Mc is here to mentor the young DD...

So, Marcus is going to teach your QB's to throw interceptions? 8) 8) 8)

Its only for training camp. A lot of the teams have guest Coaches. Could be worse, Tee Martin, Nealon Greane are a couple that come to mind in that catagory! :wink:

No, smartass. That was Bishop's job.

Crandell teaches the one-hoppers and throw-behinds.

I think this is little more than a token gesture. I hope I'm wrong because he might make a very good coach/mentor for these young quarterbacks. So does Dominguez get to be a guest coach in 2010?

So who is there to teach them the overthrows?

Joe 747 Adams?

I agree with your assessment that Crandell is there to mentor Durant. He has 2 GC rings, and knows what it takes to get to the GC and win it. He has seen the ups and downs of being a QB in the CFL, much more so than KG who is not even 30 himself yet, and has had only two to three seasons as a starter in this league. DD will no doubt be more than happy to see MC on the sidelines. Lets hope that MC sticks around for the whole season.

Wow! backing from sambo, I'm honored.

After the first couple of comments I thought I was reading a Smothers Brothers skit....

Marcus Crandell's presence at camp (hopefully all season) will help turn Darian Durant into the QB we are all hoping for......guaranteed...

There has to be a first time for everything... :wink:

I will guarantee Matty D will be at camp, albeit not training. Lots of guest coaches appear at these, the press just kind of made a big deal out of Crandell.

PREDICTION- MC will be back in pads by the end of trainning camp!

I don’t see it happening. The kids will be running the drills.

MD in camp could happen, but the staff has made it pretty clear they want to evaluate other players with that roster spot.

And on a side note, Lancaster is also going to be a guest coach. Ronnie’s youngest, Bob is coming up from Charolette NC.

Marcus is a great guy, but as a QB or mentor I can't see it Double D is gonna get creamed in the pre-season if he follows Crandell's advise :roll:

[/qoute]On a side note, Lancaster is also going to be a guest coach. Ronnie's youngest, Bob is coming up from Charolette NC.
The last time we had a Lancaster Guest Coach (1989, Ronnie may he rest in peace) we all know what happened at the end of that season, also given the events of late last year, I think this is a fitting tribute to his dad especially concidering the assanine behaviour during the tribute(people shouting during the moment of silence), losing that game so badly and "the incident" on the east side (provoked or not) all contributed to an unclassy display when we were supposed to be paying tribute to one of the classiest people to ever set foot on, nevermind play on Taylor Field! When we were supposed to be honouring it, we were actually disgracing Ronnie's memory!