Marcus Crandell gets a thumbs up!

I was really proud of the way this guy kept battling and never gave up on himself or his team!

Great job Marcus.

Thoughts on his performance?

Go Riders!

Was impressed by the first drive or two…then the two picks had me starting to wonder if we made the right move as he’s notorious for good starts and bad finishes.

Then the unbelievable throw to Bowman and perfectely placed ball to cates kinda calmed me down…

It will be intresting to see how he does against a top Defence like BC or Toronto

Marcus's game was up and down; to be expected for the first game of the year. I hope that the OC will use the schemes that were successful against the Lions!

Ya i really like the play that Flick scored on...and the hitch passed where Cates came from the back and did a corner route was the pump fake streak to Bowman.

Would like them to try a flea flicker just once this year...or if this dressler guy is that fast what about reverse or pitch out to him?

I believe that this was only the beginning of the offensive play calling.

I truly think that Ken Miller has a lot more creativity in store for Crandell and the Offense as the season goes on.

I agree Thryllin... IF and when Dominguez gets back I think the Riders will have a few more tricks up there sleeve...Crandell was solid, he threw a few pics but bounced back with a perfect strike to Bowman.

Fred who? John Chick was a monster and has demonstrated to me that Perry's departure will not be the predicted downfall of this defense...Our O line made him look pretty average.

Cates & Bowman Outstanding!!

Mckenzie & Johnson were rock solid!!

I think we are faster on both offense & defense than last year.

The key to this years success obviously will be protecting Crandell from injury.

A great start but only time will tell

January made Perry a non-factor.

The CFL prognosticators picked the Riders to be at the bottom with their new coach in 2007 and again in 2008. I don't think most people give them credit for their character that the Tillman/Austin/Miller regime has built. Also we have in the neighborhood of 23 of 27 players back that started the Grey Cup, with some great new additions in Bowman, Dressler, and January.

Considering that MC played only 2 quarters of pre-season ball i'd say he looked quite composed on the field, moving the ball methodically against a desperate Eskimo team,it was a huge game for both teams and their critics and we at least answered some of their doubts...........

As I said in a thread in the main forum, I really found the team to be quite like last year which, given the results of last year, is not a bad thing at all by the way. That is, it wasn't really spectacular (other than the 4th quarter) but they found a way to get it done (i.e. the 4th quarter). This game at least, a Crandall-run offence really wasn't that much different from a Joseph-run one other than a little less running by the QB. It really speaks to how the team works as a team in fact, not just in name.

It's a long season and it is just one game and it is Edmonton, but it's a good start. Beats a loss at least.

It is satisfying to see what good coaching, scouting and management can accomplish.

I've just been watching the game (1st 3/4s anyway) and January did do a good job against whomever he blocked when he played. Unfortunately, that was seldom ever Perry. Perry was controlled by double teams, rolling and running away from his side and quick, short passes, and mostly he lined up against Smith or Belton. January did not play in the second quarter--at least not much, and appears to have only gone back in after Smith was hurt. Does anyone know if January was also hurt?

Crandell wasn't bad, and he's only gonna get better. I loved our special teams coverage and our defensive performance. We have a solid team all around. If we can upset BC, I can see the Riders starting out at 5-0.

It was a very impressive start to the season, that's for sure. Great game by Cates and that TD to Bowman, man what a well executed play; sucked in Jordan Younger on the pump fake totally, and he was an allstar last season.

Only thing that I'm not sure about is Kitwana Jones at DE. Seems to me he's more effective at one of the LB spots than at DE.

But after a win like that, that's quibbling.