Marcus Crandel

I missed the game, was up at the lake and couldn't pick up the radio play by play. So was Greene hurt or was he pulled. How did Marcus Crandel look???

 I think Greene is a good qb............just not sure if he's the guy to get us to the Grey Cup.


Greene was just pulled, as I understand it. I don't know if either Greene or Crandell is quite the qb we need, but we'll see. I'd like to see them play with all their regular players and see what happens.

The thing that Crandell brings to the game is a deeper passing threat. He can probably complete the short stuff and running game as well, but he seems better at the deep ball.

I'm not quite ready to give up on Greene yet, but maybe they have to be ready to switch to Crandell a little earlier. Or maybe it's just the Offensive Coordinator. Or maybe it's just the injuries. Who knows. I look forward to next week's game.

Well I don't think we need to panic and drop Greene or anything. Plus if you say anything bad about Greene people will tell ya that your a whinner and never happy. Don't get me wrong wasn't a big fan of Henri either. The guy carried the ball like it was a handgrenade. How many fumbles he caused I can't remember. But how much is this our offensive cordinitor (sic) fault. He makes the calls. How come he doesn't have Greene spread out our air offence abit.

Greene, And The Offence That The Riders Are Using Is Working Really Well For Them. Greene Is Really Good At Exicuting The West Coast Offence And With Donmingez Out Of The Lineup They Don't Really Have The Deep Threat That They Used To Have. And With Crandell Throwing The Ball He Doesn't Have The Thouch To Throw The Short Passes. Keep Greene, He's A Good QB, Just Ask Calgary What They Think Of Crandell.

A bit tough to read but good post Bamboo!

Sorry, but having watched Crandell in Calgary for 3 years ... he is not a #1 QB. He seems like a really nice guy, but he's not a #1 QB, because he's sooooooo inconsistent. IMO, he makes bad calls and bad reads. If he plays a whole game, you'll notice that he can't play the 2nd half. Maybe he'll be alright as a backup ... but I don't miss him.

Take it from us Calgary fans Crandell is not your man.

Inconsistent is his middle name. He can perform well at times, while at others, he can be terrible (especially on hitch passes to the sideline - he is the only QB I've ever seen throw short so consistently on such short-range plays).

Yeah but he did win a grey Cup which shows he has the potential, something Greene hasnt even come close to showing.

I'll always have a special place in my heart for the way he picked
apart Edm's D on our last run to the cup. It was a thing of beauty.

Just ask who has more grey cup rings.
just ask Rider fans how many yards Crandell had in 2 possesions vs ott compared to how many yards nealon had in 3 + quarters
Just ask how many picks nealon had this game
Just ask what Nealons completion percentage is? IN THE WCO yet
Has nealon ever thrown for over 300 yards in a game? NO
Will nealon ever win us anything? NOT LIKELY
Is Barrett smart enough to pull Nealon or is he just too in love with him?

Gee, I predicted the Rider fans would be screaming for Neolon's head by Labour Day.....Boy was I wrong...They're screaming for it Now!

Nealon knows that he has placed himself on the bubble. Danny B. needed to be more demanding with Nealon, and other players few of years ago, in saying if you don't play well you will be benched. I think pulling Nealon on Friday may be the eye opener for the rest of the teamm to step up their game.

from my vantage point go with crandell so thatur offense will fail and let ur woes continue.... see u on labor day :smiley: :lol: greene is definately the way to go, hmmm maybe the riders should put in a bid for khari? just a thought

All we need is someone that can throw the ball downfield (more than 10yards) with consistency, Greene hasnt shown that yet.

Crandell maybe is inconsistent but more of a long ball threat, stretching the defense is oh so key to being successful, especially for the Riders... Because I feel it opens up the Running game, something the Riders are better at than any team in the CFL.
Wishbone type offense anyone? its certainly Duoable with the O line , Mobile Greene and the running backs they have.... Just a thought :slight_smile:

I remember a stat from Crandell's Calgary days - something about not having a 300-yard game in years.

I cannot remember the actual numbers, but fellow Stamps fans can vouch for me on this one - there were very, very few 300-yard games from Crandell (especially after 2001).

Always missed the short passes ... poor guy has no confidence.

Funny thing ... I remember talking with a Riders fan after Saskabush beat us in Calgary last year. I was complaining about Crandell and how he can't cut it. The Rider fan said, "well, I work with his wife, who's really nice, so I can't bash the guy, but ... yeah, he sucks."

I'm WAY far from being sold on Greene ... I guess everyone's just agreeing with me now :wink: