Marcus Brady

Jack Bedell on this website has indicated that Montreal is interested in fomer Hamilton QBs.

Marcus Brady is one. Is he a FORMER Hamilton QB? Is he a free agent or did they release him? I thought he was still on the roster but stand to be corrected.

The other one is David Corley....WHY? Ted White revisited.........

Brady would be great for Montreal, I think he has tons of promise as a backup to AC.

Brady was not the answer in Hamilton and I doubt he could help the Als. Roberson is now the clipboard holder in Montreal and has much more of an upside than Brady or Corley. The Don will find a diamond in the rough because that is what the Als do.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7 at Ivor Wynn)

Marcus Brady was released by the Ticats. They say that they might consider bringing him back to training camp, but that's not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Brady is similar to what Calvillo was in that, while he's not a good quarterback, he has a lot of the skills needed to become one. But he is older than Calvillo was, and with fewer years ahead of him, likely won't be groomed into the star that AC developed into in Montreal. If they want someone to become the next Calvillo, they'll have to find him among the younger quarterbacks.

Who will be the back up behind Maas? Or is it open to competetion? Inside tracks?

Kevin Eakin I'm thinking, this guy showed well in the couple of games he played last year.

Lots of folks, here and elsewhere, have made the comment that Eakin looked good last year. I'm not so sure I agree with that. He reminded me of nothing more than a deer in the headlights..........

MadJack, I think that with Maas and Eakin, you are looking at probably the best one-two punch at qb in the league, maybe not next year but for a few years after this.
The TiCats are a dynasty in the making, belive me, we are going to be the beasts of the east for a long while.

Oh don't get me wrong...I have a soft spot for the Cats (being an ex-Hamiltonian myself) and do think they will be vastly improved this year, and am looking forward to it. Just not too impressed with Eakin yet. But with Maas, Ranek, a great O line led by Claridge, a great defence, you'll be in great shape....just need a tweaking upgrade in the receiving corps.

Q: From 1998 to 2005, only two Ticat quarterbacks won games. One of course was Danny McManus. Name the other. (scroll down for answer.)

A: Kevin Eakin: He was a new guy, barely even had time to learn the system before getting thrown in as a starter. He's not ready to be the #1 guy yet, but with three or four years as a backup, he may challenge Maas for the job.