Marcus Brady Retires to Become Als' Receivers Coach

The Calgary Herald reported today that Alouettes' backup quarterback Marcus Brady, who is only 29 years of age, has retired to accept a position as their receivers coach:

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Such strange goings on this off-season

Clearly he's The Future of MTL's assistant coaching.

Does it really count as retiring when you never play?

I think with AC, Brad Banks and Chris Leak Marcus might have been the odd man out!

He's not retiring! He's gonna be coach and back-up, how cool is that. ... pStory_cfl
it's in the note at the bottom of the Stegall retirement article. Can an one remember the last player-coach? Tom Wilkinson and Warren Moon maybe? :rockin:

John Hufnagel? I was there the night he suffered his career-ending achilles injury in Regina. Pretty sure he was a player-coach at the time...

I'm pretty sure he was a coach last year too.

He never left the sidelines. Was always signaling in plays and wearing a headset.