Marcus Brady moves to coaching

Marcus Brady has told Herb at the Gazette that he accepted the receiver coaching position vacated by Jamie Elizondo.

Surprising move at 29 but this all but confirms Calvillo is coming back.

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An interesting move. I read the article, and it didn't sound like there was anything wrong with him. Wonder why he decided to coach...

That is surprising, as what little he played last year he was not bad.
Plus QB's generally mature much later in life and he is not old per say, you would have though a hands on to step in as number one if AC was to retire.

They don't rule out him playing again. Trestman really likes Macpherson so this will allow the Als to move him up to backup unless Banks or one of the other young guys surprise. Popp says he wants to carry 4 QB's this year and they currently have six now that Brady moves over. Most likely scenario is Calvillo, Macpherson,Leak and Santos.


While I am not too surprised that Marcus Brady is no longer in the "running" as QB for the Als, I am more surprised that he will coach the receivers; I trust the Als decision.

As a QB, Brady has been in the CFL for 6 years, yet he was never number 1, eventhough he had the chances in Winnipeg,Toronto and Hamilton; he was not a number 1 QB. His rating/efficiency is at 69.5 and he has thrown more Interceptions than TDs.

To me, the same applies to Brad Banks; I don't expect him in training camp.

The Als could add/sign Paul Thompson as a potential QB.

Presently, Calvillo, McPherson and Leaks are numbers 1,2 and 3. Santos and Roach will fight for number 4. The advantage is to Roach.


makes no sense, cfl assistants make no money and have to do more work since cfl has smaller coaching staffs. Maybe, he saved his cash well.

Richard, why do you say the advantage is to Roach? He’s big but he’s the same speed as a CFL Olinesman. Santos has shown that he can manage games real well, he did well in pre-season last year. Just curious where your coming from?

Popp has done a great job preparing for AC’s eventual retirement, that we know will come at some point.

He is probably making similar money around 75k, they must have made it interesting for him in some way ...