Marcus Brady Leaves Arblows

As reported on twitter, Offensive Coordinator Marcus Brady leaves the Blows for the NFL?

AWWWW!! thats too bad, now they have No DC or OC ! ;D ;D ;D

Just a HC....for now...

I feel sorry for the Argos. They win the Cup and have their O and D coordinators fly the coop. At least they can rebuild around their good young QB Ricky Ray. I hope they have a great season and I look forward to good competitive games against BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA, sorry couldn't keep a straight face any longer...sorry for being sarcastic and all.

Condell will be OC.

Good call, schmenger.

So, will Condell use the already instilled Brady Offence or want to use the Condell/Austin Offence??

It will likely be the Trestman offence.

I was always surprised that a journeyman player like Brady was suddenly able to hang up the cleats and coach far superior players like Calvillo and Ray. And now Andrew Luck.

Clearly coaching requires a different set of skills than playing. Other guys like Milanovich never amounted to much as QBs but became successful coaches. And you could add June Jones to that list as well.