Marcus Brady can help this team

Brady is a good young mobile QB and he almost beat the Al's in the 2003 eastern final filling in for injured Damon Allen. Brady deserves to show Mathews and Popp what he can do and give Calvillo a game off to clear his demons before the playoffs. Brady will move the ball and get this offence back into gear. He will not turn the ball over like Green who is completely useless. I beleive that Green will be released or traded before the Als next game in BC.

I agree and hope you are right.
I don't know what the Don sees in him

From what I saw at TC & pre-season game, Brady was #2 QB IMHO, but management choose otherwise !

Give the kid a chance !

As for Green, I don't see him leaving anytime soon, or until Matthews is gone !

Do you think Eric Tilman would give us Rocky Butler for Green?

I agree with you guys. I'd rather give some experience to Brady rather than playing Greene. I dont know what the management see in him. Sometime i dont understand them, with some they have a very short fuse, with others they'll be as patient as one saint can be.

You are right, Ell Roberson is a prime exemple...2-3 years with the team moved to WR ecause he had to much competition at camp for QB, and was release afterwards.

Matthews loves Greene. He even let him stay at his place at the begining of the year. Only problem is Don is stuborn as a mother… Of course Brady should be playing. Green has like 5 completions and 5 INT!!! (or close)

I agree with all you guys.


Well, I agree with you guys that Brady should get a shot rather than Greene. But, I don't want anyone taking the snaps other than Calvillo. I don't think that the QB is the problem.

Like others said, we need to establish a Running game. That's why, I feel that Eric Lapointe should come into the game. We all saw last year, when Lapointe came into the East Final, and almost single handly beat the Argos. I think Lapointe could possibly be an answer, or maybe even Diedrick if Lapointe is not healthy yet.

Edwards is a great back, but would rather power his way, where as Lapointe and Diedrick elude the tackles and avoids contact.

Landry needs to come back with some big plays to give this team spark and motivation, and Tim Strickland comes back and get's the Defence back on track.

I think those are the Als keys. I don't think Brady would be anymore effective than Calvillo at this point.

Isn't it funny how we'd have thought Jim Popp lost his mind had he traded Almondo Curry for Rocky Butler instead of Greene... and now, we all wish that's what he had done! lol...

There's a point that is being taken into consideration. While we can all be concerned about running backs and quarterbacks, neither is effective without a decent offensive line....and the Als' o-line has played like feces as of late

I do agree that Strickland, Lapointe and Diedrick could help get the spark back into this team. As for Landry I think he is useless because the return game is not same as it has been it past years and I dont think Landry fits in the offence because of his size. Besides Avon Coburn is doing a great job returning kicks and in my book is much better then Landry.

Laundy is an exciting returner but he is far to easy to take down. Sure he has had big returns but more often than not he is held to a very short return.

How often do you see him tackled because someone simply put a hand on his shoulder?

And how often has Cobourne nearly broke one? Once, on the missed field goal. I assure you, if Landry was here, he'd have at least 2 Touchdowns by now on returns. Landry is far better than Cobourne.

Ezra won 2 games for us in his 2 years with the Als. One against the Argos in 2004, and last year against Edmonton. Something Cobourne is not able to do. Oh another thing his isnt able to do, is get a 15 yard return on punts.

He's useless on Punts. Decent on Kickoffs. Diedrick is far better than him, and Landry is way better than both. Its what he does.

We will see how Landry does when and if he comes back with the new blocking rules this year. I doubt he will any better then what we have from any returner this with the exception of Brashir Levingston.

I do agree with Umaga, the returns this year have been rare. But, I still believe that Ezra Landry is better than Cobourne as well.

It’s probably easy to take him down, but it’s getting him the hard part.

Cobourne bring the team one thing Landry cant though. He play on kickoff, and already have a couple of tackle. When Landry return, i hope we'll keep Cobourne around, just in case. He didnt breack long return, but he follow his block nicely, make good cut, and doesnt fumble. Still i'd give Ezra a shot to the job. If he dont do well enough, we'd have Cobourne.

edit typo.

The Al's special teams has been to only consistent part of the team so far and sould not be tinkered with if Landry comes back, unless they use Corbourne in the offence he is listed as a running back.

Actually, it is a little more complicated than that.

The offensive line is not the real problem. With the exception of Fritz, this is the same core that has been together for years (and always rated near the top). Play calling is the biggest problem. Ignore the running game, rely on the pass and you open yourself up to defensive pressure. Linemen can pin their ears back and attack full throttle - particularly when the QB has limited mobility. They are not being kept "honest". Danny McManus, by example, is a quick read and has a very quick release. That can hurt a defense, particualrly an aggressive one. Cavillo, unfortunately, doesn't and his play calling has become too predictable. Defenses have gone to school on Cavillo.

The most productive teams in the league right now have an established, always threatening running game. The Als don't. It's no coincidence that the top teams now (Calgary, B.C. and Toronto) have a more balanced attack. If Cavillo can't get his head out of the sand and become more creative and balanced in approach to plays, this team will not see another championship anytime soon. I think that the time has come for the O.C. to have more control over how the offense is run.

At this point Calvillo should be benched for a game or two so he can clear his head in time for the playoffs.I am sure Brady and Greene or even Palmer can hold there own against Winnipeg.

I almost totally agree with you umaga.

Since Cavillo is still the number 1 QB, I don't have too much of a problem with keeping him in there - at least until the Als secure a playoff spot. Until their playoff status is determine, Matthews will never bench him.

IMO, If he can't figure out what's wrong then he should seek more input during the game from his coaches. Look back at old game film to see what worked and why. Get the running game going but then stick with it - don't abandoned it in the second half.

Sometimes I get the feeling that A.C. has become immersed in his past accomplishments when he and the team were more potent on offense. So instead of being patient and picking apart defenses slowly, he goes for the gusto too quickly, pushes a little too hard, overthrows/underthrows etc...

I view Winnipeg as the key match. Back to back games with two teams that are self-destructing will be interesting and potentially a season maker and/or breaker for both. If the Als can win both of those games, I'm sure it will be the spark they need to restore their confidence going into the last month of the season. If they lose both games, I think the air will be completely gone out of the balloon and immediate changes will have to be made. I'm not sure what a split will do.... it will be an interesting 2 weeks!