Marcus Ball...

...might become one of the rare few to have won both a Grey Cup and a Superbowl.

Can anybody list the others?

o. j. brigance and bobby singh

Brandon browner

tyrone Williams

Harold hasselbach

Alvin Walton

Barry wilburn

Brandon Browner-CFL-Stampeders-2008.........NFL-Seahawks-2013/Patriots-2014
OJ Brigance-CFL-Stallions-1995..........NFL-Ravens-2001.......only player to win both trophies in the same city-Baltimore
Harold Hasselbach-CFL-Stampeders-1992.......NFL- Broncos-1997
Tyrone Williams-CFL-Argonauts-1996.........NFL-Cowboys-1992,1993
Alvin Walton-CFL-Stallions-1995........NFL-Redskins-1987,1991
Bobby Singh-CFL-Lions-2006........NFL-Rams-1999
Barry Wilburn-CFL-Lions-1994........NFL-Redskins-1987

you cheated :stuck_out_tongue:

Isn't Tim Jessie supposed to be on that list? In the same calendar year no less?

it looks like he played for Washington in weeks 3,4,and 5. Didn't do much. Looks like he may have dressed for week 13, but didn't play. Somehow, he may not have qualified for a ring.

Singh also won the XFL.

Brandon London has a Super Bowl ring as a practice squad member of the 2007 New York Giants and was a member of the 2010 Grey Cup winning Alouettes.

Man, that's a short list. I didn't know that about Singh having won three championships with three different teams in three different leagues.

I'll give the Gold medal to O.J. Brigance who won a Grey Cup and Super Bowl in the same city...that's likely never to be repeated. The Silver goes to Bobby Singh who won a CFL, NFL and XFL championship. The Bronze goes to Tyrone Williams who won Grey Cups in Toronto and B.C. along with 2 NFL championships. :thup:

Honourable mention should go to Brandon Browner who was a Grey Cup champion with the Stamps in 2008 and a back to back Super Bowl winner with two different teams winning in 2013 with the Seattle Seahawks then repeating in 2014 as a member of the New England Patriots.. 3 Championships in 7 years in 2 different leagues with 3 different teams, not a bad accomplishment and pretty impressive indeed.