Marcoux wants out...

Although this article is talking about how he takes back what he said about Gibson hating him and that he doesn't get why he's not starting and that he seriously has no intentions of re-signing here in the off-season, what was originally said is obviously what he feels and boy it stings. Trade this guy before he walks on his own if possible.

Yeah I heard it on am900,they said he made an "off the cuff" comment to a repoter in Montreal.
Weather or not it was off the cuff doesn't change the fact that he said it!
I agree with you trade him now.

8) Irregardless of his apology now, Obie is not to happy with what Cedric did.
 Cedric will be a free agent at the end of this season, and as I mentioned here last week, look for

 him to sign a free agent contract with Montreal at that time.

 I wouldn't trade him right now, as he is much more valuable to us at this point, especially with 

 Dyakowski being injured !!

 However, he certainly has not endeared himself with Obie, over those comments, that's for sure.   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

This is no secret. Marcoux has been a healthy scratch all year. Why would he want to stay here?

The same could be said about Caulley.

I'm hoping Obie can trade both of these guys to the Bombers soon. Winnipeg is ripe for fleecing, as their last two idiotic trades clearly indicate.

Sounds to me like a bit of a cry-baby with some growing up to do.

His more recent remarks suggest he's beginning to learn that.

If it turns out he doesn't re-sign here, we'll do something else I guess. If we trade him in the meantime, that's okay too.

Not the end of the world one way or another.

When he speaks English, he's happy to be part of this team.
En Français, he hates it here.
Hmmmmm ..... Wonder what he REALLY thinks?
His attitude calls for a quick trade to SSK, but if he's due to become a FA, that won't happen.
There's only one team that French Canadian players want to play for and most likely he'll be there next season. That is unless the Cats really want him and MB can win him over with some one-on-one mother-tongue magic. Otherwise, if you don't you want to be here, bon débarras!

I don’t think you can lump Quebecers into one group, while I’ve met some who say they would only work and live in the province of Quebec, there are some who are not so staunch on that. He could be someone in the former group perhaps and that’s fine. Eric Lindros didn’t want to work in Quebec and while many chastized him for it, he has the right to say like anyone he doesn’t want to work in a particular place for whatever reason.

[b]"But general manager Bob O'Billovich said he would have preferred it if Gagne-Marcoux kept his concerns in-house.

"Some of things he said, it doesn't help him, it doesn't help anybody. He may be frustrated but if he's got something to say, he should talk to the coaches about it not a media guy. That's a family matter," O'Billovich said"[/b]

I agree with Obie...........nobody should ever express concerns about someone else in the organization to the media.......always keep it in-house and sort it out as a 'family" matter as Obie says. I don't think Obie would ever chastize a player through the media or even discuss "family/in-house" matters with a generally makes matters worse right?

If you're going to go public at all, then go all the way and tell the whole truth why you don't want to play in a particular situation. Is it just because of Gibson here? I doubt it.

I would prefer to see him playing centre over Hage. I have no issue trading Hage.

I would really like to see Marcoux stay here. Just imagine our line in a couple years, Marcoux, Dyakowski, Carlson and Rottier. That would be awesome.

If he doesn't want to be here, get rid of him. I'd rather had a mediocre who plays his heart out than a superstar who doesn't want to be here.

Yea, maybe he is really peeved about not playing centre, I don't know. it can cause a lot of problems when players go public with this stuff, no question, makes a situation uncomfortable for a lot of people really.

I think it is less about him not wanting to play here, and more he just is not playing here.

If he wants to get paid well as a FA he needs to play. I can appreciate his frustration.
Also if he wants to be paid well it must be for a team that he will be starting for.
That is why I do not see him signing in Montreal in the off season.

After starting in his rookie year, Cedric is NOT PLAYING AT ALL!!

Being replaced after game 1 as a starter is one thing.

His coach sat him and didn't give him a back up role
but instead gave it to a raw rookie Simeon Rottier.

A Canadian raw rookie that is, which is really raw,
rawer than an American raw rookie, by the way.

He didn't go to our local press and complain,
he went and spoke to the coach about it.

I watched him go to Marcel, in great frustration
on the field after practice to express how he feels.

Some reporter he knew in Quebec published comments
Cedric made to him Cedric thought were 'off the record.'

Understand this. Cedric is a competitor.

I have seen how gloomy he looks at practice this year.

People who understand competitors understand why he is upset.

IMO, what Obie said was for public consumption
he probably feels the same way as Marcel does.

Now how do you think Cedric is feeling about this?

That raw rookie, Simeon Rottier, who go the back up role,
is filling in as starting Left Guard for Peter Dyakowski.


By the way, Drew, thanks for greasing the way
for Cedric's departure from the team next year.

Am I the only one who wants to say "Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Cedric"?

I understand his frustration at not starting, but I think there must be more to the reason than the fact that Gibson doesn't like him. I certainly hope that no "professional" coach would risk the good of the team over a personal vendetta. Here's a lesson for him, there is no such thing as "off the record". If you want to cry to a reporter, you have to expect the fall-out.

If Cedric doesn't want to be here, adios. We have plenty of people who do. I appreciate his contributions and was sad to see him hurt, but if the coaching staff thinks that there are better players than him and they are starting those players good for them.

rftt, Derw is doing his job reporting on the Tiger-Cats. CG-M is clearly NOT doing his job playing for teh Tiger-Cats. It seems that, for some reporters, NOTHING is off-the-record. None of us are OL coaches. Many feel that they are HC/GM material. There could be something in Cedric's mechanics, speed, ability, whatever, that coach Gibson does not like. If you say he looks gloomy at practice, then that doesn't help him crack the lineup. Look positive, play positive, and don't look like a crybaby. THAT is how you will gain the respect of your coach.

As for whining about playing Guard instead of Centre - good luck replacing an All-Star at that position. Gee, Hudson is a "natural Centre", but you don't hear HIM complaining that he's playing out-of-position.

If Cedric is in his option year, he's lucky to still be a Ti-Cat. After his season-ending injury last year, the team had the option of cutting him at the end of the season. Instead, they gave him the chance to rehab, and compete for a starting position. Too bad for him he was beaten out by Bigfoot and Rottier...

I know this for a while ..
Can't Blame the kid .
But who trade for him with his Shoulder.

I've heard about his shoulder (obviously it kept him most of last year), but did he hurt it again in training camp? It looks pretty good in this video from the off-season:

I am surprised that he hasn't played more, last year after he was hurt, the play of the offensive line was noticeably worse.


And this year it's world's better. Sorry to say it, but we're not missing him at all.

Shoulder? Sounds eerily familiar with another guys we used to have on this team…

The kid is a professional athlete and he just wants to play and obviously feels that he can play.
I say trade him now if that's what he wants that would be the classy thing to do.
Although I don't get this business about "the coach doesen't like me".
If you keep your head down and play to the best of your ability then the coach always likes you.

So while he has some market value c'est la vie.