Marcoux Out of Lineup !!!!

8) Apparently Cedric Gagne-Marcoux's shoulder injury is a serious one. He will be out of the lineup for Thursdays game for sure, and may have to be placed on the 9 game injury list according to Taaffe !!!!!
 As a side note, Nautyn McKay-Loescher sat out yesterdays practice to rest his chronic back problem !! He is expected to play Thursday however !!

I am not quite sold yet on NML.

0 tackles last game.
Always over-committing to the rush.
Leaving his side open for the roll-out.

I am not a coach, and I don't break down game film, but he needs to show me more.

Didn't he have a sack?

8) I have to admit, I share your feelings on NML. You made some good points. My main concern regarding him is his chronic back problems !! I believe he missed a couple of games last year because of it, and it is bothering him already this year.
 If as reported it is a chronic problem, then it is not going to go away. It could definitely cut his career short, that is for sure !!!!

Does a sack not count as a tackle? I aways thought it did. I watched a bit of the gameand I seen himmakea tackle whcih was not his sack. He is always getting tackles taken away from him. He has to rush the QB because 90% of the pressure comes from him.
NML will play a long career and it will be with the Ticats. Dont worry about his time getting cut short because that wont happen.