Marcoux Gone For The Year !!!!

8) As reported in the Spec this morning, Cedric Gagne-Marcoux has a fractured shoulder and will not play again this year !!! Peter Dyakowski will replace him.
 Also there is a chance that NML will not play tomorrow night due to his chronic back problems !!  Taaffe says that if he can't play, the Cats may start newcomer Terrence Patrick in his place !!!!

 Injuries are already causing roster juggling !!!!

Season over for two Ticats

Only one game in and already regulars
Barker, Gagne-Marcoux gone for year

July 02, 2008

Ken Peters The Hamilton Spectator

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Also in the article

Andre Sadeghian of Beamsville, a former
McMaster and B.C. Lions' running back

has been added to our practice roster.

O'Neil Wilson, who spent three seasons in Montreal
before joining the Blue Bombers last season,

will likely take Chris Bauman's spot on the roster.

Chris is expected to miss his second contest.

The extra 15 lbs he put on in the off-season,
has led to sore calves and a hamstring problems.

Non-import DB, Sean Manning was
taken from Calgary's practice roster

so according to CFL rules he must be
put on the active roster right away.

I love Nautyn, but am I the only one that has noticed he carries a lot of weight above the waist? Maybe that is a source of his constant back pain and he could stand to lose a few pounds to ease the stress on his back. He is listed at 260lbs. maybe 245-250lbs. might be better for him.

I'm just sayin'...

Too bad for Gagne-Marcoux, I hope Dyakowski learns how to pick up that stunting DE this week.

  • paul

I think what appears to be extra weight
around his midriff is a back support.

I know he always wears one at practice, paullywood.

I love how he calls Barker a "regular".

Um.. Ken.. he's a rookie..

You would think that even Ken Peters would know this since Barker was the well published 1st overall pick. Peters shows over and over that he doesn't know what the hell he is saying.

Well that makes sense, but without it he still carries more weight than most defensive ends on the team and in the league.

I know if I gained some weight my chiropractor would tell me it's not good for my back.

I'm no doctor, I am just making an observation that he seems to be a bit top-heavy/longer torso'ed.

I'm looking for solutions here! For the good of the team!

  • paul

This team can't buy a break

That's a tough break for the young man. He's probably the best center in the league not playing center IMO.
Does a good job at guard, but I always thought it strange that Hage was an all conference left guard at Colorado and Marcoux-Gagne was an all conference center at Central Florida and the Ticats reverse their positions. :o

Get well Cedric. We need more like you...

It Too bad Cedric is Good Linemen and Even Better Person.