MarcO re-ups for 3 years !

Marc-Olivier Brouillette signs a 3 year deal with les WazO :thup:

Bourke and emery et on est en business!

Hebert... But the list is shrinking nicely compared to other teams

Great signing- a superb third round pick, I thjnk three years ago. Last season he played his first season without a nagging injury which was a hallmark before 2013. We still need Emery. If we do lose Burke, we'll survive. I noted a remark or two about him going to the NFL. We have to recall that he had made the NFL for one season but, injuries were responsible for his departure from the NFL and, his signing with Montreal. Offensive tackles are rather easy to find, even if we have to play an import at that position.

Rick Moffat mentioned yesterday that talks apparently have stalled with Emery, Bourke and Hebert. Whatever that is worth.

Excellente nouvelle! Restent effectivement maintenant Emry et Bourke. Disons que si nous gardons Bourke et un de Emry ou Hebert, l'équipe sera tout de même assez impressionnante

Not surprised. Shea is engaged with a girl back home. Bourke and Emry would be the primo FA this year and be in high demand. Hebert is on his last contract and he wants to play safety so if a team is willing to give him the money he wants and he can get to play safety where he will take much less punishment... Losing Bourke would hurt the most because of all the bodies we've lost on the Oline in the last year. He would be the third of our starting five to leave in a year. Would pretty much wipe out our offensive line. Losing both Emry and Bourke two ratio changers wipes us out. We have nobody to replace either of those two. That means we need to start a NI receiver (We don't have one) there is none available in free agency and probably a Defensive Tackle the only one still that is a maybe would be Ted Laurent. So we would be screwed.

Man can this place get negative over meaningless speculation.

This is what Moffat tweeted yesterday and he included Brouillette so was obviously wrong about that.

14 Jan Just me or have #Alouettes talks with Big4 potential FAs @sheaemry41 @kyhebert @MOBrouillette Josh Bourke in stall mode.

There is still four weeks to go before free agency. Jim has always said if a player wants to be in Montreal he will be and I've never heard one player call the Als "cheap" So if a guy leaves it is because he wants to leave and there is nothing we can do. They've all received offers and Jim is open to talk. Not much more we can do. I think we've done well considering the CFLPA asked guys to wait on the new CBA before signing contracts for next year.

With a month to go until the official start we`ve done very well. I still believe Hebert and Emry are close, Bourke might be a little trickier but think he will get done too.

If you are a player there is really no incentive to sign early. The longer you wait you usually can squeeze out a little more.

Je crois que Whyte et Priest n'ont pas reçu d'offre. Du moins, j'espère que non...

Further to Kyries Hebert, he is currently in Montreal involved in the Als stay in school program as well as this upcoming cancer fundraiser on Feb. 9:

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So good on him for giving back, and it`s probably only a matter of time (and a few dollars) till we learn of his signature.

Ideal, merely mentioned what Moffat said on CJAD yesterday which differed slightly from what he tweeted!

I hope he is wrong as well !

I could be wrong,but I will not be surprised if,before Anthony announcing his retirement, Josh,Kyries and Shea re-signings are announced. 1 a day. Thursday, friday and monday.

I expect many actual and past players to be there next tuesday when Anthony announces his retirement. I definitely expect Ben Cahoon to be present. Will Troy Smith be there?


Listened on the way home to a great interview with Marco on TSN 690 covering Bill 60 (no politics or religion Sheldon!) as well as his hope to see Popp return as head coach. He likes how Popp listens to the veterans and allows them to take ownership of the team.

Thats first SJ Green and now Brouillette endorsing Popp. Im just saying.

I heard it as well. Best thing (IMO), when asked what he was most proud of this year his answer was the success the defence enjoyed. When finally pressed about it from his personal perspective it was that he played all 18 games. Doesn't seem like there is a shred of ego in this guy, or he just knows how to speak in public, or BOTH.

Worth a listen. Here`s a link:

A lot of good that did us the last 3 times he coached. I don't really put much weight in what players on this subject. Kind of like letting students decide what is a good teacher... They are always going to pick the "Cool" one who lets them do whatever they want. Right now if the owner gives in, he's right back here next year. At some point there has to be stability at the HC position.

I’m with you on this one.

I agree. I'm not defending Hawkins but he was doomed from the start. No coach from the "outside" would be successful given what I think is a bad culture. Veterans who may think they are better than they are, rebelling against change. Demanding to do things the "old" way. Popp is the old way.
New coaches will demand change.
Vets do not want change.
I think the Als were like an old successful company with a strong, resistant old guard. A new manager is brought in and the old guard decides very quickly to torpedo him.