Marchese and Smith

What football background do these guys have to coach offence ? Must admit , don't know much about them. Anyone know... :?

Craig Smith was a running backs coach with the last Grey Cup team in BC. He is a very knowledgable football person, a true student of the game and knows how to get the best out of people. He will be a solid contributor to the new offensive scheme. The players also like and respect him.

Perry Marchese is a former offensive assistant coach/running backs coach/receivers coach of the argos and a former quarterback from St. Mary's university.

"A four-year starter at Quarterback, Perry Marchese graduated from St. Mary's University in Halifax with an MBA. Marchese went on to coach in the Ontario Varsity Football League for seven years, followed by a coaching stint with Team Ontario where the team became National Champions in each of the two years he was there. Last season, Marchese helped the Argos' coaching staff on offense and is now a permanent member of the coaching staff."

Marchese was a qb in high school. Unimpressive at the best of times. Definitely not a leader. This coaching move shows me how much trouble this franchise is really in.

That's it, lets put these guys on the "defensive" right away. How many players and coaches do the members of this forum have to cut up before they even set foot on the field. For crips sake, give them a chance!

Perry is a Canadian coach in a Canadian league that has very few Canadian coaches. So we should be happy the team is giving him a chance instead of "retreading" another CFL OC washout. As the CFL needs new coaching blood in the league, especially Canadian coaches.

So we should give him a chance. Besides it can't possibly get any worse?

Plus Marshall brought him on.. so he must have saw something in him and liked his input.

It's only for 7 games.

Besides, it can't get any worse.

Hey Freigttrain, how did an "Unimpressive at the best of times" high school QB end up starting for four years for one of Canada’s best University programs?
As for leadership, he may be the most likely person with the Cats at this point to make a move in the right direction.
He is a Home Town Boy, Knows the Canadian Game and is young enough to get after it, smart enough to teach it.
Might be a good idea to bring in an O-Line coach with a clue and a few NFL cuts to fill the holes but the X's and O's should get better right now.
Perry has been with Pinball and Stubes for the last four years in Toronto. He may have an idea how to attack the Argos, as few would be more familiar with the coaching and players.

Hey all day tough,

St. Mary's was crap with Perry at quarter back.

I wouldn't say Perry has any idea how to attack the argos. We are 0-2 against them this year. Any other bright ideas ?

I doubt he's going to be devising the game plan for the Toronto game, if anything he is an assistant to Lancaster and Maas calling the plays.

Let's hope so....