March 30th...see the Rock and help fight cancer!

Hi Everyone:
Here's a little something I've set up with the Toronto Rock. The ticket offer is good for the rest of the Rock season (4 games, including St. Paddy's Day) but the March 30th game is a special one as it is in support of Les's Fund-Lacrosse Fan's Fighting Cancer. If there was any time to catch a Toronto Rock game it would be this one. Please read on.

On Friday, March 30th, the Rock will be donating $3 from each ticket you purchase under this code to support Les's Fund-Lacrosse Fans Fighting Cancer. This is a cancer fighting initiative my wife and I started 3 years ago.

That $3 will be divided up equally between Princess Margaret Hospital , Wellspring Cancer Support Centre and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. In addition the Rock will be donating some of the proceeds from the Rock's annual third jersey auction held at the game.

A fun event, the jersey auction is a silent auction where you bid on game worn jersey’s by the players and receive them off their players backs immediately after the game on the floor of the ACC.

By the way the Rock play in the Air Canada Centre so it's a great night out!

Help support the battle against cancer in Toronto and enjoy Toronto Rock Lacrosse for 20% off the regular ticket price at the same time! "

How to get your tickets:

To get the discount you must enter the following password in either/both of the Adult and Youth/SR Group Offers box to take advantage of this exclusive offer:

[b]Click on the link and use the code!!!


TR2Z78 [/b]

By the way: I helped establish this ticket offer for the Elementary Teachers of Toronto but any and all teachers and Ticat fans can get the tickets, and the offer is good for the remaining 4 games of the Rock's NLL season, not just the March 30th game.

To see the Rock schedule visit

If you want to join us after any game at Joe Badali's I can introduce you to any of the players you want meet.

Hope a bunch of Ticat fans can make it on the 30th.

The Rock should play a game in Hamilton some time so it’s easier for people here to attend who don’t want to travel to Toronto for a game.

The Rock should play a game in Hamilton some time so it's easier for people here to attend who don't want to travel to Toronto for a game.
They did play in hamilton...but no one came. So they moved to Toronto. Has Hamilton supported anything in the last ten years? Bulldogs?, Brier?, Grey Cup?, Ticats I guess but with the amount of people we have in this area they really should completely sell out.

With the team we've had over the past few years, attendance has been great I think. A couple of winning seasons with a playoff game here and there and I think sellouts will be the norm, especially if some committment to upgrading IWS at the very least for seating is made and an upgrade to the entire stadium to make it look more modern. Look what a new video board did and a great owner.

I went. It was more out of curiosity for the first game, but after that, I was hooked. I didn't miss a single Ontario Raiders home game!

The great thing is you can catch the GO train or Go Toronto Express bus and it drops you off right at the ACC. No parking hassles or anything.

Through this deal you get 20% off and the March 30th game $3.00 from your ticket goes to fighting cancer!

It's a good deal. Tickets at the most through this deal are $31 each and that's for decent seats in the Air Canada Centre!

The other thing I like about lacrosse is all of the players have day jobs and it's our national sport.

I know you will like the game of lacrosse and if you come to the game on the 30th you'll see complete game, incredible lacrosse skills and a couple of times the boys will be throwing the knuckles. O'Brien and Simon are waiting to square off against each other.

Let me know if you are coming down so I can make sure you are taken care of.


Thanks for the pm's from those of you who have already bought your tickets for the March 30th game.

When you go to the ticketmaster link it will say an Ontario Teachers Federation can get the tickets if you are not a teacher.

You get to see a great lacrosse game, you save 20% on the face value of the tickets and the Rock will donate $3 to fight cancer. It's a win win.

Les's Fund-Lacrosse Fans Fighting Cancer is the brother group to CFL Fans Fighting Cancer. I'm hoping to start up a Pledge a Player program like we have done for the league.

Remember to let me know if you are going to the game so I can thank you personally.

People have asked me about Pledge a Player.

Well it's simple, you go to choose your favourite National Lacrosse League team and or a player on it and pledge money towards a chosen charity to fight cancer based on their performance.

When the seaoson is over you will recieve a reminder email with your total donation pledged. You make a cheque out to your chosen charity and mail it to Sportcares. We confirm your donation and send it on to your charity so you recieve a tax reciept for the entirle amount of your donation.

Go to for more details...and don't forget to get your tickets for the March 30th game through the special ticketmaster link provided at the top of the screen.

Thanks to everyone who has purchased already!

I wanted to bump this as the Rock play on Saturday and the deal is good for this game where you get 20% of the face value of the tickets but you no money will be donated to fight cancer. That is only for the the Rock's March 30th game.

Follow the ticketmaster link and get your tickets using the code under the group tickets section. It's the third or fourth choice there.

If you are going to Saturday's game let me know I'm having a big St. Paddy's Day party before the game and you are more then welcome.

Hope you make it!

You can read about the charity night at and get your tickets for 20% off at

Hope the Black and Gold community can make it down.


Another shameless bump wondering if anyone is jumping on the GO train to come down to the game.

Really, it's the best way to get into Toronto and get home after the game. The train brings you right to the front doors of the ACC and then gets back home safe and sound.


I just wanted to pass on my thanks to the Ticat fans who made there way down to the Rock game on Friday.

Thanks to you the Rock Les's Fund-Lacrosse Fans Fighting Cancer will be presenting Princess Margaret Hospital (for colon Cancer research), Wellspring Cancer Support Centre and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation each with a cheque for $4100

Thanks to Brad Watters, the Rock and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment for support Les's Fund and then fans for coming to the game and helping raise the money.

Let's try and do the same thing this year in Hamilton to fight cancer with CFL Fan's Fighting Cancer!