March 29th Ottawa Citizen coverage

Locals, if you don't normally pick up the Citizen, today might be a good day to. There are four articles about the attempt to restore a team here.

Heads up.

Post some links if you can.

Sorry, I've been out all day. Here's the largest of them. I hope it works for a while.


Business section:

Opinion section:

I think that's all of them.

Thanks for posting those, CRFadmin. Duthie's article was awesome, I hope everyone reads it.

About that last one, there’s a note at the end that says “Brent Dowdall is author of Turnover: The Fumbling of the Ottawa Rough Riders.”

If you need to beat the offseason blues one time, get that book. It’s very well researched and describes in details what it took to kill a 100 year old franchise.

I have read it. An excellent book, a very interesting read for any football fan. As an Ottawa Rough Rider fanatic, a must read.

Not from the 29th, but an entertaining read from a Glebe resident who's all in favour of the return of the Rough Riders (in name and team).

Nice article!