March 1st - BMO Field remains the same !

Phase 3 of the Construction had to be finalized by the end of February to have a CFL fit to the Stadium ! Where will the Argos play now ?

No news is good news ? I guess :roll:

God knows, if it was bad news, it would be everywhere so I agree.

There's other threads about this...

Not true. The CFL field conversion will likely be moved up to Phase II in 2016 if the $20M is forthcoming from governments. If the Argos are pushed back to Phase III, that needs to be completed by June 2018. If the feds don't come up with their $10M (the province has indicated they will contribute $10M) the CFL or Argos would have to come up with the cash, which they have plenty of. The Riders or Esks could easily loan $10M to the league or Argos, who could secure the debt with the TV contract (with the lending team being paid back by payments of $1M a year (plus interest) from the Argos TV revenue, for example).

There is no question the Argos will be playing at BMO (or whatever it will be called by then) in 2016 and no later than 2018.

Who is it that set that date? MLSE?
What is next year Bell says enough is enough and pays 10 million needed for the final CFL phase. Buys the Argo's on their own. Sells End Zone naming rights. Uses its media assetts in Toronto area. CTV, CTV2, TSN southern Ontario area to promote the Argo's and games.
Can MLSE say," No, sorry its too late"
How long until the Conflict of interest between Bell and Rogers blows up.
Bell up and sells out its shares of MLSE and invests that money in other cities Vancouver, where they already are fully intergrated corporate partner with MLS WhiteCaps, Montreal, where they have naming rights and rgional rights to NHL Montreal and offices of RDS.
Leave the city of Toronto all together and moves their corporate offices to the suburb regions like many other corporations. Say Mississauga.
Where would that leave MLSE, Rogers, and TFC?
Bell Assets include CFL and NFL on TSN and CTV. 20% owned by ESPN which both networks share programming now. NBA!