March 13th - New Signings

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The cats have signed an OL, a WR, a LB, and 3 DTs in 2 days, and they still have 3 more training camps to attend before the ticat’s camp to recruit some more guys. Lots of competition like Obie said, hopefully these guys can perform.

those are some big tackles... but that one guy blocks kicks? he must have some wheels!

they all sound like decent college players, lets hope they can take that to the pro level, hopefully one of these guys is our monster in the middle.

I kept a copy of the roster from last year on March 13th (before the draft date)

Last March 13 we had 68 players on our roster, 20 of whom were new to the team.

March 13, 2008 - we now have 60 on our roster, 17 of whom are new with number 00 on their backs.

So who has been on the roster for the last 366 days?

Less than 30% of the roster from March 13 2007 are still here.

Here are the one year plus vets:

Beveridge, Sandy
Bradley, Jykine
Chang, Timmy
Cheron, Pascal
Gauthier, Phillip
Glavic, Sasha
Gordon, Lawrence
Hage, Marwan
Hudson, George
Jackson, Jamacia
Lumsden, Jesse
Mariuz, Ray
McKay-Loescher, Nautyn
Moreno, Zeke
Radlein, Julian
Setta, Nick
Wayne, Clinton
Williams, Richie
Woodard, Jonta

That's why we are spending so much time analyzing what Obie is doing.....

Oskee wee wee

we should look at that as a good thing. most of the players from a 3-15 team should be shown the door, 3-15 means change is needed. the main pieces are still there, now were just looking for the smaller pieces. i wouldn't be suprised if you cut that list in half by the season.

I agree totally Chris that we are a new young team. The new players still here from last March (pre Draft) are Timmy Chang, Sasha Glavic, Jamacia Jackson, Zeke Moreno and Nick Setta. That's five of the 20 new signings that were announced at this time last year.

Tough to make this team and stick if the team is not winning, right?

By the way, Sasha Glavic went back to University of Windsor for his final year in 2006. Since he was on the roster both years, I counted him in, but he was much like a 2007 draft pick.


Also, my guess is more players have been signed but just haven't been announced yet. They'll be "announced" as we approach training camp to ramp up the interest in the upcoming season.

An Argo-Cat fan

Yes, but there is also the second wave of signings once the NFL Draft ends in late April and guys without gigs scramble to find jobs. There is sure to be more player movement once that wave hits north of the 49th. We shall see how Obie, Rambo, et al. continue to put the pieces in place.

Oski Wee Wee,

Here are break downs for Camp so Far:
16 DB
10 OL
9 WR
7 DL
6 LB
4 RB
3 FB
3 QB

Can anyone tell me if there ever was a team
who started the season with 2/3’s of the team
being rookies and still make the playoffs???

The rest of the roster includes a few well known names that hardly qualify as 'rookies' (Casey Printers etc.) but there are only 30% that have been collecting a ticat pay cheque for over a year.

It will be a real uphill challenge to get that chemistry going in training camp.

Maybe there is another Garney going to shine there?

Oskee wee wee

Starting to look good!

Where do you get 2/3 from? There are 42 roster spots on the active roster. When all said and done, the final roster will not be made up of 2/3 of rookies.

I hope the same thing doesn't happen like last year. We sign Howard Hoges and Marcus West, start them the next week and both end up being back ups to Dunbrack and Reid the rest of the season and one guy even gets cuts.

These are big American style DTs and LB. They aren't used to the wide field. They are so unfamiliar with our game they will be lost out there.

I like that we are signing people but right now they just seem like bodies. Our whole team is going to be raw rookies.......AGAIN!

I am super happy though, I get to save 25% in 2009!