Marcels thoughts on our draft picks

click here for Marcel's comments from today's Spectator.

By the way, the Cats are converting some of them
to fill their a need for a player who can combine

fullback/tight end and blocking duties
with catching the ball

when they employ their tight end set this season.


Is there a chance Ray Thomas may still be in their plans?

There sure is a focus on the Tight End/H back position. Makes me wonder how often Charlie plans on using that set.

two questions. one is this kid Robert Pavlovic te going into his senior year at south carolina this year....and 2. if his stats are correct he only had 3-5 catches his junior year. not exactly tearing it up (i concede that stats dont always tell the whole story) ......anyways is he going to be in training camp this year?

I saw Pavlovic play in a Bowl game for S. Carolina this past season; i believe he was considered a blocking TE more for that team, but i saw a pass thrown his way in that game (incomplete / un- catchable).

And I'll beleive the Ticat O this year employing a TE on anything close to a regular basis when i see it - very doubtful IMO, but love to see it actually; Pavlovic will not be around for Ticat TC if he hopes to play his final year of NCAA ball; if the Ticats are so set on using a TE or H-back why would they not have signed Ray Thomas - who was reported working out in hopes of a CFL comeback attempt - for another look unless his medical condition is too iffy? The notion that Kania or Goncalves are going to be looked at as TE "projects" is very iffy IMO but good for a typical CFL big reach draft thinking laugh - what, let me guess, these guys are big and special "athletes? The Ticats could have drafted Jeremy Marchand from the same StFX team as Kania - Marchand has been actually playing TE, been a leading receiver for StFX and is a 2 time AUS all-star receiver who goes at 6-3, 250+; maybe Desjardins never heard of him though; and maybe the TE/H-back talk is just for rationaliozing those picks; Kania might get a real honest look for the vacant DE jobs - that's his real position by the way Marcel - he was a 2 time AUS all-star DE.

Wonder if Rempel and Sutherland (from last year's draft) will get lined-up to try out as OTs (where they were all-stars in CIS ball) or be thought of as interior O-linemen in the mix with all the other NI vets there while OT is pencilled in for imports.

Passing on Crawford - with his US college ball play-making stats and good numbers at the CFL Combine tests, is still a real head scratcher to me. He must have done something at the Combine to un-impress the clique of CFL same old / word gets around thinkers so that all CFL teams passed on him in the early rounds? Kyle Koch not getting drafted at all is pretty strange too IMO.

Look forward to hearing about the competition in Ticat TC, including how the draft picks - this year's and last year's - look or fare.

After looking at Tad Crawford's profile on I can see why he didn't go before the 3rd round. The kid is a stick. 6'3 is good but 181 pounds. He may get split in half the first time he tries to tackle someone.

The more and more I look at our picks, the more and more I like how Marcel did.

And here i coulda swore I read about Crawford playing several years of US college ball, against some players who would even draw some NFL interest, and he led the team and the entire conference in tackles on more than one occassion. He probably musta got "split in half" a whole bunch of times but coulda been taped back together by the trainers; either that, or he had little problems competing against the wimpy little competition down there.

obviously he isnt as great as you and onknight make him out to be if he lasted until the 3rd round.

Crawford as hit the Weight room
He has Already add 10 Pounds to his Frame..
If He his weight get s 210 -220 Rage
He should be golden

realistically the te set is obsolete in the modern 2 sb cfl!! BUT if there is a player with TE size and speed who can catch then they could or should be converted to SB -imo - tweener lb,s would have trouble tackling.