Marcel's next press conference...

When we are winning I think Coach Bellefeuille's press conferences are brilliant, when we lose, well I can be critical too. But he could always be more entertaining:

[url=] ... re=related[/url] ;-)

That was going too fast for me, but instinct says it was funny, so I LOLed!

Marcel's next press conference....

Might just be his last.

How's that for LOL.

That's a catty thing to say. :wink:

Now that's an LOL Bob!

.......he reminds me of NASCAR's Michael Waltrip......looks and behaviour (same neck of the woods too I believe) :lol:

Good chuckle on a Monday morning, good one. :thup:


Sign this man to a coaching contract! We need some one that is more animated. :rockin:


Maybe he could be the next Pigskin Pete.

Oskee Wee Wee....Oskee Waa Waa....Holy Mackinaw....Kittys say Meowwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Tiger-Dawgs... Might work.... you tried everything else :lol:

Our Cats just need to sharpen their Tiger claws, and show their teeth more. We know they've got them, as we saw them used on Labour Day.

We had that in head coach Marshall - remember? :wink: