Marcel's excuses

From Drew Edwards

Quote from Marcel

[b]“We did some good things defensively, considering they were on the field quite a bit. Our special teams played well,? Bellefeuille said. “Offensively, we were inconsistent in our execution and there were a lot of plays left on the field, unfortunately."

The team has an extended break between games and don’t play again until next Sunday in Montreal.

"The positive part of this situation is that there’s enough time to recover. Hopefully, we’ll get this out of our system and move forward.?[/b]

He actually thinks we will buy into "we did some good things defensively"

I'm sorry but on Defense we stunk!
We have arguably the best linebacking corps in the league and a very good front 4
Yet they never seemed to be in a position to make a stop, especially on running plays,
Long gains given up on 1st downs, no stops on 2nd downs.
Missed tackles and stupid penalties

Trying to put lipstick on this pig is not going to fool anyone.
It is time for Marcel to take responsibility for his team(our team)!!!!

If they had been playing well, they wouldn't have been on the field as much as they were. Isn't that obvious to our coach?

Actually they did do some good things. The problem is that they didn't do a lot of good things. And when they weren't doing good things, they were doing horrible things. Was it the players' fault? In some cases, yes. In others, I'm thinking they were let down by their coaches, being put in positions where they couldn't best use their abilities (e.g. Baggs on prevent, Knowlton covering top receivers, Williams chasing ghosts). What happened to our front seven from last year? Were Floyd and McIntyre that important that the whole group collapsed without them? (Maybe.)

How could Marcel possibly believe what he is saying if he has watched a single game film of his team after his last two games at Ivor Wynne.

I think he's telling us what he HOPES to see.

If Marcel saw a few good things defensively on the film, oldfan, that's what he saw.

It's hard to remember that some good plays were made after a stinker of a game.

You can bet Marcel also saw what you saw.

Well said, Ron.

He also said the team failed to take a step up.I mean what is the guy supposed to do in week 15 except try to stay positive and focus. He probably has Montreal on his mind already anyway. They pickup and move on, that's how it works.

Wasn't it Kevin Glenn himself in a post-game interview who said "flush that stinker down the toilet"? Yes, move on and get ready to battle Montreal! :wink:

If Marcel does not take the team deep into the playoffs, he will probably be released in the off-season. The organization can only put up with mediocrity for so long. That is what happened in Sask when they released Danny Barrett after three 9-9 seasons.

Who was it that said "that those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat their mistakes". Heaven knows this team has done exactly that...

Move on..yes..but before you do ...make darned sure you KNOW what went wrong...and what to do about it...The recent past has proven that they haven't that...

Oh what we would have done to not have given up AC way back. But that's history as they say. :?

Marcel can't throw anyone under the bus or specifically find fault with players during an interview with a reporter. I certainly do hope he has the stones to call out anyone who continually fails to correct their mistakes. Some how I don't get a warm and fuzzy feeling he is the corrective or the leadership kind of guy. One thing for sure, his assessment of the game on Friday is
incorrect. Maybe that's the problem, Marcel expectations are much different from everyone else. The entire game from top to bottom stunk.

absolutely. :thup:

How can you "move on" without correction?
The "moving on" adage should be reserved for teams whose experience with blowout losses is an anomaly, not every second game.

Hi wildcats:

That's part of the problem. When he thought that his starting running back wasn't gettin it done, Hufnagel benched him. And two games later, Reynolds is still courtin the pines. Wally would have no problem benching or disciplining a player who wasn't producing and/or listening. Just ask Casey Printers and Jerome Messam.

Marcel is either afraid of his players or afraid that they'll tune him out. What he should be afraid of is that their poor, inconsistent performances, particularly lately, may cost him his job.

I am not expecting Marcel to throw players under the Bus.
At this point Marcel should look into a mirror if he would like to see what is wrong with this team!
It is the head coaches responsibility to make sure his team is prepared for their opponent.
If a player is not prepared then make sure that he is or bench him.
If your co-ordinators are lacking then help them.
The head coach in football controls all facets of the team, personnel, play calling,game planning,team philosophy,and discipline.
This sugar coating of a stinker of a game of that magnitude is not the way to handle this IMHO.
I fully realize my CFL IQ is infinately lower than Marcel's and I do know that Marcel is a great guy,I just think this is not the way to address this situation

Spot on, sir. :thup:

Wow...couldn't have said it better if I had a thousand years to try.

As soon as I finished reading that article I came here hoping someone had already complained about Marcel’s sugar coating.

Marcel is partly a salesmen also and during media relations has to remain positive in order to help fill the seats at Ivor Wynne. That being said many salesmen are sleazy and deceiving. :wink:

X2…with this caveat: no head coach worth his salt would sugar coat the effort we witnessed INSIDE the team meetings.

There is where it matters. Media optics aside, whatever the head coach says to the scribes is of secondary significance. What is his message to the players when the team tanks like they did? Are they tuning him out? Is mediocrity the currency of this organization? Time will tell. The returns thus far are what they are. A five-hundred record and a lot of treading water once the odd splashes are accounted for.

For once, I would like to see the headset honchos dust off a successful gameplan, commit to it as the general approach they will take into each game, and stop being cleverly moronic by abandoning aspects that this team can execute well on a weekly basis. For once, I would like to see this team have a semblance of an identity: this is what we do, try to stop us. The sad part is I sense that we stop ourselves. We are doomed come November if this approach continues.

Oski Wee Wee,


After the labour day game in which we clobbered the als at home after Otis Floyd whipped our team into such a pre-game frenzy that they exploded onto the field and destroyed the Als.
When the Als got back to Montreal Trestman had a press conference where he accepted full responsibility for not having his team prepared for their thrashing and that they would be prepared for their return match at home the next week.
Trestman is not a rah rah guy or a disciplinarian, but he is a details coach that prepares his team for their opponent.
If Marcel took ownership for his failure to prepare his(our) team and promised to try and rectify the problems it would go a long way with both the fans and the players!
We have a superbly talented team that seems to need direction and motivation.