Marcelle needs to make 3 more obvious choices !!!!

Marcelle needs to make 3 more obvious changes .# 1 Jason Mass is done inHamilton # 2. Ralph Brock cost us 14 pionts and has not lived upto his potential and #3 . Wayne Shaw does not make any plays never mind support the run or the deep ball useless .thats it and we will be alright.

I agree 100%. I'd get rid of all three and bring in players with heart. I think Mike and Rob are still available !!

You are right on all three counts....
By the way...Marcelle looked in the interview on the sidelines...I think the hammer is about too fall.....on more than one player,

I'm sick of Brock Ralph, that's official. I think if he checked his rear, he'd locate his head.



Oski Wee Wee,

I think Maas is damaged–that’s too bad, but this is football and we appear to have an option.
Brock Ralph is a deep threat and needs a QB who can throw deep in order to be effective. I’ll reserve judgement on him until that day.
Wayne Shaw is our safety, and next to QB, that is the position Hamilton fans love to complain about the most. They think safeties have no responsibilities–they should cover everyone and cover the run.

brock ralph is an overrated golden boy WR, the guy is pure garbage, plain and simple, the guy is soft, he cant block, he cant go over the middle, cant hang onto the ball, he is softer than tissue paper. If it wasnt for import rules in the cfl, he'd be working on some farm in Alberta.

don't forget Julien Radlein. The guy still can't catch a football. His TD would have been huge if he held onto it. Would have been a totally different outcome. Thats how one play can totally cost your momentum and the game.

Kori Dickerson should replace radlein. So rad can block but he is useless to us if he's afraid to catch a football.

I agree with #2 and #3 but I would keep
MAAS and fire the coach who call the lateral