Marcell Belfeuille- Should he go?

I've been keeping a close eye on Marcel Belfuille(sp?) for the last couple of years and i must say he has not impressed me very much. I have to admit he got alot better last year. But i really do not like his play calling. especially in the redzone. last year it seemed like almost every time we got it on the goal line it was QB sneak and Burris fumbled it almost every time. And in the West final last year we tried using Keith, but he fumbled it also. Im wondering what ever happened to Szarka? We are paying him for a reason so we might as well use him. 2 years ago when we actually used Szarka he had a very large number of TD's. But maybe all this will change now that nealon is running the show?i guess only time will tell.

It will change there are more threats to run when Nealon is playing. Nealon can take off, or give you can give the ball to Keith. And when the defense is thinking Keith or Nealon you give it to Szarkatrain right up the gut fot the TD.
Its gonna be a good year for us rider fans.

I agree that this year should be better for us in the redzone. Remember, Szarka was out for quite a while with injuries in 2004. He's an impact player, especially on short yardage carries. Nealon is much better carrying the ball than Burris is, and should provide far less fumbles. If we're on the 1 yard line, and the defence see's Nealon, Szarka and Keith all in the backfield, it'll be hard for them to pick out the real threat, because they're all threats. And that's ignoring our standout receiving corps going deep. This year should be much better on short yardage, period. But Marcel? I like him. I don't always agree with the playcalling, but he's probably the most original playcaller in the CFL right now. Yeah, he tries some things that don't work and look silly when they fall apart, but when it works, it works big. We've got a team that can pull off a standard offence AND trick plays and stunts, let's let them do it. It not only puts wins on the record, but it's exciting and puts fans in the seats. GO RIDERS GO!!

3rd and 1, let's go shotgun!

Get rid of him and bring in someone with some common sense

Get rid of the bum...All he has is 3 plays, i mean come on. They work and all, but we are just too predictable. Id like to see anyone else take on this role and be successful. Im sure he is a really nice guy and all, but he has to go. Bottom line

Hey, at least he is better then R D Lancaster! Besides for three plays you guys did not that bad. Keep him and dump Roy.

Why would we dump Roy, without him we would be nothing. Roy has done as good a job as anybody bringing in all the talent he can. After that its up to the coaches and players to get it done. Although I think Barret has done a good job in developing the players. I couldn't tell you why we haven't won. I think were just cursed or something.

Well good luck ChrisW I hope your team has a good year!

Thanks, we will.

Why in the hell would we dump Roy? He has got to be the best GM in the league, and everyone knows he is the one that brought the riders to where they are now.

I agree, I think Roy Shivers is doing a great job with Saskatchewan, you've got to remember, when he first came here the Riders were only winning 5-6 games a season. You can't change a losing team into a winning team overnight. Look at the Patriots, they were nothing special before they started winning Superbowls, they were a joke for a couple years, but they eventually started winning games and after a few seasons of rebuilding they turned into the only modern day dynasty in pro sports. The Riders have been rebuilding and I think that last year was tightning the final screw and this season we're fully re-built and ready to bring a Grey Cup back to the flat land.

Dump Roy, because you only had a 9 and 9 team last year and he signed the same guys. With a very tight western conference this year do not expect to return to 9 and 9. A good GM will always look to improve. No stand pat!

redwhite 2005 you dont know what the hell you are talking about. Maybe try watching some rider games. The only reason we were 9 and 9 last year was because henry played terrible the first 5 games of the season, and finally got used to our offense at the end of the season. And i dont care what the hell our record is in the season if we come within missing 1 field goal to going to the Grey Cup.

Sorry you are wrong! he was injured in I bleive the first three games of the season. That fact is you always bring in competition otherwise your players get complacient. It was Henry that got you close to your GC and now you have two retreads playing that position.

now you have two retreads playing that position.
maybe you're the retard for not being able to spell it right "retread" what are we doing buying new tires?

Jeremy you are going to have a heart attack take it easy the season has not started yet!


I agree with your statement that it is necessary to bring in competition so that players don't get complacent. But what about Henry? Don't you think he will become complacent, not having to compete for the #1 job in Calgary?

This was one of his demands if he stayed as a Rider - either I'm your #1 quarterback before training camp or I'm outta here.


Hello MadameX, he has four other QB’s ( Gesser, Kennedy, Carmazi and Souza) in camp to compete with where as Greene has three. So I am unsure what you mean by that. He is paid well and yes he is going to be number 1 but if he has a bad game there are others that will gladly take over. Where as your Riders have Crandell the guy who thorws a 2 yard bomb to the turf. Maybe he needs glasses or maybe the injury he had a few years ago still is on his mind.

Thats just the thing Greene is self motivated. He has to be, because our stupid fans jump all over him every time he makes a mistake. And if Henry made a mistake nothing would happen, they would all say oh its just a bad game he'll bounce back. Well its his fault we didn't have a home playoff game last year, and every Rider fan should know it. And as for Burris having four motivaters behind him. Thats shit if they have to play you might as well right off the season. They are all way to inexperienced.

Hey 2005 Burris was injured for the first two games of the season last year, not 3. And the only reason why we didn't win those games is because, Rocky Butler was playing and he threw 6 ints in 2 games. Not saying we would have won with Burris though either.