congrats on a decent game. It was encouraging to watch a game with a head coach that actually looked like he was interested in the game. I was getting so sick and tired of watching Taffee on the sidelines looking like he had the deer in the headlights look. My only memory of him is the palm of his hand on his cheek and looking like he needed a nap.
Nice job and good luck in the future with this club.

Hope no ones calls him Bellefool ever gain.

Couldn't agree more

I was happy they lost by more than a field goal because he would have been picked apart for not going for 2 on their last touchdown. Ok I wasn't happy they lost but could imagine the posts on here if it was within 2 points

He certainly was more animated on the sidelines than his predecessor. However, he made a few rookie-coach mental errors. Did he leave the yellow hanky at home?

We where in a position to win all nigh but our defense was to inconsistent. Obie needs to act fast and sign Stubler. Every time we have a chance to put a team away our d lets them off the hook!

Oh He's still Bellefool. Let's see him at least win 1 game before you anoint him.

One thing that was nice to see is that they are now focusing on passing the ball. That run first offense of Taffe is officialy dead.

If only Obilovich had found receivers who can actualy catch the ball.

Stubler's not going to walk from the Argos paying him as a hc to join the Ticats as a DC

good job Marcle...:rockin:

Anoint him??? To what??I was just saying at least he looked like he was interested in the game which is a huge upgrade from what we had.
And yes it was a close game witch I only saw one human error but hey I'm just like the rest of us on here. Just fans who aren't good enouph to get paid in this league.

So you’re not just blaming Printers.

I don't remember any play that deserved a yellow hanky.

Marcel should have pulled Casey Printers after his second pick for a touchdown,enough loyalty to a player who did not come through at all since he has been here and in the end fumbled the ball away and a potential victory away!!!!!!!!!

Marcel looked like he was at least in the game. i would like to know who was calling the majority of the Offensive plays MB or DMac. If it was DMac than I will say that getting MB into the head coaching job at least gets him out of the OC job and that's a good thing.
I think he would make a much better HC than OC.

It's nice that you got a warm fuzzy feeling from Marcel's demeanor on the sideline.

FYI, we still lost. How is that a huge upgrade?

Im assuming you don't think the D did anything to lose this game?

Typical Hamilton fan BS, blame the QB cause its the easy out. Cant wait to see what Kenny has to say about this one (I'll bet he mentions Printers salary at least 3 times this week)

I liked what I saw tonight.

The offence took some deep shots, they ran it well, they moved the pocket around, they kept a RB in to block a lot of times which gave Printers more time to find receivers. The offense showed a lot of promise. The only real negative was the 5 turnovers, but even still we were in the game.

On defence it was nice to see us blitz more. I think the extra blitzing cost us a couple of big plays, but it also created a couple of turnovers and rushed Ray to pass before he wanted to.

All in all not bad. Of course this could also be a case that the other team didn't know what to expect from the new coach (much like when a new QB goes in). So time will tell how good Marcel really is. If the team is still scoring 30+ pts 4 weeks from now, and it's still creating lots of turnovers a game, then I think we may have found our coach.

Marcel did a great job. Last year how many times did our team score 30 or more. We are scoring well this year. Now we need to improve our d and special teams. Great job HC.

Uhhh ... 4 INT's (2 returned for 6 each) and the game sealing FUMBLE ...

Kenny would be REMISS, and NOT DOING his job if he didn't mention Casey's salary atleast a HALF DOZEN times ...

Hamilton BS, or NOT ... NOBODY can expect to win a game with those KIND, and NUMBER of GIVEAWAYS !!!

Gimme a Fr-EAKIN break ... That last FUMBLE by Casey was ENTIRELY, ABSOLUTELY, and COMPLETELY UNFORGIVEABLE ... As a PROFESSIONAL Quarter Back, the man should have KNOWN BETTER !!! It wasn't like he NEEDED that extra yard, for CRYING OUT LOUD !!!! He wasn't trying to break the goal line, he wasn't even CLOSE to a first down !!!
That was INEXCUSABLE, and downright STUPID !!!

Someone coined a phrase concerning another great QB (on paper) - something about a Million Dollar ARM and a 10 CENT Head ...

I'm not about to lay ENTIRE BLAME on CP ... but the man certainly CONTRIBUTED MIGHTILY to the Loss, PERIOD.


P.S Concerning Marcel Bell---: It was ONE Fr-Eakin game, and a LOSS to boot ... Emotional or not ... there is really NOTHING to be ascertained by ONE game's results.

The ball should NOT have been in Printers hands at THAT time of the game, had the DEFENSE done their job!!!

AND Ireland's crew should KNOW what Pass Interference means!!!