You called a great game plan tonight. Oskee Wee Wee.

:wink: :thup:

Ditto on that. Keep up the good work. Much better offence this year. Check the stats

As each week goes by, I think we'll see both the OC and DC calling plays that take advantage of the strengths of the players they have. We definitely saw that on Thursday.

I give credit to Taafe for recognising the issues in schemes after last week and forcing corrections. When you have guys like Printers, Lumsden,Smith and Caulley there is not excuse not to be able to run the ball.

I think a big key was the fact that adjustments in the protection schemes and hot routes seemed to have been made. Apart from the fact Jesse bulldozed O'Shea and company, the line did a better job in containing the Toronto blitzes (Steinauer was less effective than in the exhibition game at harassing Printers, for example).

The halftime adjustments on both sides of the ball were well-executed. Kudos to all the coordinators and to Charlie.

Oski Wee Wee,