Marcel Young - 9 Game IR

According to Rick Zamperin Marcel will be added to the 9 game with a broken hand. At this rate our 9 game will be bigger than our regular roster. It's already the size of a practice roster.

Rick Zamperin ?@rickzamperin
Sources tell me that @Ticats DB Marcell Young will be placed on the team's 9-game injured list with a broken hand. #CFL #Hamont

Drew Edwards reports that Carlos Thomas will take his spot at short side halfback.

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From Cortez's presser, one of Young's knuckles is broken.

Sigh. Another one of the good ones goes down. Is there a rule that states at least two of our starting DBs must be on the IR? It seems that way the last few years.

Well the good thing is Carlos Thomas is all healed up and he is the best tackling defensive back we have and he does just as good if not better in coverage.. It just sucks that Young had to go down like that.

I'm looking forward to Carlos playing because our secondary misses too many tackles and some could have actually won us the game last week..

8) According to Drew, it was a combination of Youngs play, along with the broken knuckle that removed him from
   the active roster.

   Coach Cortez stated that they were contemplating a change there anyway, and the broken knuckle just made it a
    easier change !!  

    Cortez said that he likes the physical play of Carlos Thomas.

Noticed last week against BC Marcel made very little effort on special teams. Brown ran right by him and Marcel didn't even extend his arms out to tackle. He's not aggressive enough.

I haven't been a fan of Marcel Young all season, last year he showed some flashes of promise but so far this season he has been a flop. I wanted to see him replaced after week one when he was burned on almost every play and cost the team at least two touchdowns.

I'm excited to see Thomas back in the line up, he looked great in training camp until he went down with injury. It was beyond frustrating to watch all the missed tackles from our secondary the last two weeks. Now that Carlos is back that is one less player I have to worry about with missing tackles.