Marcel: "We have to upgrade receivers"

This was the comment he made on the broadcast "We need to upgrade receivers"

Thanks GM! You let our 2 best receivers from last year go... give up Holmes to get a guy that isnt better than the 2 you left go (Flick and Peterson). You comment that "Import receivers are the easiest players to replace" and with almost a year to make player decisions you say the EXACT SAME THING you said in your first interview as GM. "We have to upgrade at receiver"....followed by "We have 2 good running backs" (Same thing you said last year).

You have had a full season to find receivers and today it was quite obvious that you have not done your job. Casey Printers made some good throws that were dropped, and some "bad" throws that would have been plays if we had guys to make plays... we dont have that right now. I have not seen the free agent list for this season but i would think the revolving door should end sometime soon with some guys that have some talent. Ryan Thelwell was a guy we were chasing and he ISNT EVEN STARTING on Calgary.

Terrible job as far as im concerned, and he needs to be held accountable.

Flick and Peterson were doorknobs...Geroy Simon is an upgrade. Ya Flick's got some numbers in a stable offence, but he looked like Brock Ralph when he was here. I'm not standing up for Marcel. He makes me want to puke in a dixie cup.

I agree that he has to be accountable... but Flick and Peterson? Throw in Brazzel and Yeast in that mix too while you're at it. They were good recievers but not good in the locker room. Marcel cleaned house that's what he had to do.

Its not about keeping those players, its about replacing them with BETTER PLAYERS. Thats his job as GM. Not to clean house and end up with Jojo Walker.

So true. A waste of a jersey and locker.

Yeah agreed. I'm just saying I'm glad he cleaned house. Jojo said it. Let's go for some real recievers not lament the fact that hacks like Flick and Peterson aren't here anymore.

And as i said, cleaning house with no backup plan is foolish. He should have brought both to camp and see if any of the talent he brought in could beat them out. Now both are playing well somewhere else and our receivers are a complete joke.

This thread isnt about Flick or Kamau, its about our GM's inability to bring in anything better.

Isn't Keyshawn Johnson available? :slight_smile:

Well, Keith looks pretty good and this new OL is a monster.

The upgrades needed will be on the offensive line. It doesn't matter who you put back there, they need more time. Davis and Woodard are a joke at T. Cavko did a decent job today. It's not about Flick and Peterson and anybody else. There QB has time to look downfield...we don't.

And we'll just settle with this group of receivers? Dropping balls, not recognizing blitz? Not coming back to the ball? did i mention dropping balls?

A lot of those drops were poorly thrown balls. I hope it's just rust on Printer's arm, not having played a meaningful game in three years.

ockham , its not poor passes , its bad recievers . It started with our first or second drive , a pass to Ralph that would of been a first down , it`s not a perfect pass but one that other teams recievers MAKE !!!!.

Ours dont and they also dont come back to the ball which was commented on during the tv broadcast . Jason Maas and Printers wont say it out loud but we need some upgrades .

Thanks for starting this thread Crash.
I was sitting here watching Flick trash the Stamps and came on here to start this very same thread. I was extremely disappointed and frustrated with Marcel's comments at halftime and completely agree with your summary.

it was incomplete, it was incomplete again, and it was incomplete again!END OF STORY!

I agree that our receivers aren't making plays, however, the QBs haven't been hitting them in the numbers either.

I left out the part where he said we were going to get bigger at receiver yet we have Walker, Curry and Armstead on the roster.

I think he's mixed up.
We need to get bigger linemen and receivers who can catch.

Next he'll want a bigger kicker...

He cant have a bigger ego...

He also said he wants to get some bigger DBs

Didn't he say the same thing last year?