Marcel vs. Glenn

Just curious.
Was Marcel the OC in Saskatchewan when Glenn was there?
That may shed some light on his hesitance to start him over Porter.
I still disagree with his decision.
Seems Marcel is fixated on the "Porter Project" ahead of trying to win games.

But we are winning games though. We have won 6. If we have 2 or 3 wins, then yes, start Glenn but we are doing fine the way we are doing it now.

We are a young team with a young QB and we have won 6 games by sprinkling in a veteran QB

Don't really see an issue. We came from 6 wins the last 2 years and we are still complaining. Why should we be complaining. We are competitive and in the hunt for the playoffs. After the last few years, what else can we ask for?

15 yard penalty for sh** disturbing.

Just being better than last year is really low expectations.
We are competitive and could be winning more games.
I don't think Glenn is getting a fair shake.
Porter has not earned the starter's role, especially after last week's game...neither has Setta.
The ticats have won more games with Porter as the starter, but how many of those games has Glenn come off the bench? Also, many of those games were not won because of Porter's play, but because of Cobb's heroics or because of our defense.

I would rather see Glenn start and see Porter come off in relief if Glenn falters.

Agreed, if we are going to make the playoffs Glenn has to start. Let Porter watch and learn.
I’m sure if Glenn had played against Calgary we wouldn’t be debating the fact that Setta lost the game for us. Porter was just as guilty for losing that game as setta was.

And in Glenn's 1 win as a starter, the defense gave him the ball in Argo territory the whole game and we got FGs.

Jesus, give him some credit. It's a team win.

Again, I repeat myself, when Glenn wins, it's all him, when Porter wins, it's everyone else but him. GIVE IT A REST!

I think Glen must have pissed in Marcel's corn flakes. :expressionless:

Why can't you give Glenn some credit?
I'm as sick and tired debating the quarterback controversy as anybody.
I don't think QP deserves credit for the victories though...look at his stats this year.

No you’re not.

You wouldn’t have started another uselesss thread that’s been addressed at least a half dozen times already.

Stop playing games.

Lets look at the stats then.

Porter - 4 victories
Glenn - 2 victories


How do you propose to divide up our team's 7 losses?

5 for Porter, 2 for Glenn.

It's really quite simple.

Now here comes the but, in loses for both of these guys, wins could have happened if kicks we had were made. These were plays that could have given us more point rather than plays that MIGHT have lead to points.

In summation:

When Porter starts, the team is 5-5. When he finishes, he's 4-5.

When Glen starts, the team is 1-2. When he's come in relief, he's 2-2.

Both Cobb and the defense have helped out both guys in the wins and Setta has missed kicks, receivers have dropped ball in both guys loses.

Bottom line is, if we get into field goal range we shouldn't have to be cringing in our seats and promising to be better people if he can just get the ball through the frickin uprights. Offenses job is to get points or get into a position where our kicker can get points. We did that last week several times and as usual we were rewarded by Setta missing time after time. went from 10 to 11 to 12 to 13 to 14. That is absolutely unacceptable, once in a while it's okay to accept 1 pointers from your kicker but seriously? 4x in a row you can't fulfill your duty? I'm not just talking about field goals here either, one or two of those points were off of botched coffin corner punts. One time he puts way too much another he puts way to little. Kickers/punters control the tone of the game and if our kicker can't get it done, then we have to rely HEAVILY on the offense to get TD's which can't always be done. IMO this game should be Setta's LAST CHANCE to prove the past 8 or so games were just terrible flukes otherwise he goes on the 9G and we see Jeremy Ito. Can't fool around with this mediocrity if it's going to cost us games and a playoff spot.

No you aren’t. You have lost 2 in a row, 5 out of your last 7, and Winnipeg suddenly is in your rear view mirror.

Marcel has come down with a case of the "I’m boss so I can’t be wrong"syndrome.

Contrary to what many here think, the Cats dont have a top notch offensive roster, with a few obvious exceptions the O is comprised of talented young players who have a lot to learn (Prechae, Cobb). Mix in a suspect O Line and it all boils down to the simple fact the Cats O isn’t the place to be for a second year QB who has shown that he has problems handling pressure.