Marcel vs Barrett on the 50 yard field goal call

When there were 3 seconds left at the end of the first half, Barrett wanted the 50 yard field goal attempt but apparently Marcel said no we are going for the endzone. Running out of time, Barrett got frustrated and said do whatever, and then the pass went to nothing and as usual we got no points. That 3 points could have won us the game. Marcel needs to get in line in my opinion, or fire the guy please.

We know Barrett and Shivers are good friends and have equal power over the team, I'm surprised that they would allow Marcel to act out like this. I think Marcel is the parasite of this team and there is more going on behind the scenes than we think. The way Marcel acts is just so disturbing, if you had seen some of his interviews it seems almost like he is here to purposely sink us into the basement and is doing it with a smile. What does everyone else think about Marcel?

Can you explain how that three points would have won the game?

I believe I said it could have won the game. Could have gave us some confidence going into the second half, and in a game so close like this every point counts and is crucial to momentum.

I'll buy that. I agree that we'd have carried the bulk of the momentum. We needed something.

Oh yeah well what do you think about Marcel?

Never been particularly fond of him. I don't think he knows how to utilize the players' skills to their potential. Look at how effective Keith was on the couple outside runs he had - he looked really good! Then, all of a sudden, he's given the ball up the middle over and over, and he got nowhere. That's only one example, and Marcel may not be entirely to blame, but I still don't really like him.

I think that Marcel has absolutely no imagination in his play calling. Hell, I am no expert but I'm pretty sure I could come up with some more creative plays than him. This seems to happen every week where he continues to run the same plays over and over. Even Chris & Glen were stating that the Ottawa DB's were starting to really be aggressive on the curl routes. Well, that is because that was the only play the riders were running. If only they would have taken Glen's advice and done a pump fake and then gone long something good might have happened.

The Ottawa touchdown at the end of the game where Joseph ran it in was a perfect example of how the Riders got out-coached. In my opinion that play showed that the Ren's offensive coordinator actually has some imagination. Sending the WR in motion, fake shovel pass. Hell, Joseph could have probably ran for 50 yards on that play. What do the Riders do... run up the up the gut. The TSN replays showed how Ottawa was starting to crash the middle, everybody watching the game could see it, why can't the Riders coaching staff??? Why not at least try faking the run up the gut and roll the QB out. This is just an idea for you Marcel!

As a side note... we have one of the best fullbacks in the league in Szarka, why don't we use him??? If we only run out of the shotgun formation every time, we are not utilizing Szarka's blocking ability. Why not try using split backs or an I every once in a while. That way maybe they could even throw in a screen to Szarka, those seemed to work well a couple of years ago when Szarka had a ton of yards and TD's.

Wake up Marcel!!!

Sorry for the long rant,

A disappointed Rider fan

I couldn't have said that better myself. I have never really liked Marcel and this year it has gotten even worse. I just don't get it we only use 5 plays out of our playbook a game. Or by the way it looks maybe we only have 5 plays.Personally I think we should tell Marcel to step it up and get some plays that actually work, or tell him to leave.

And about the field goal that would have won us the game, because we lost by 5, so if we would have made the 50 yarder at half, then went for the field goal at the end of the game and made it, we would have won by a point.

Oh and one more thing I have to mention, McCallum went out at halftime and made that field goal.

FIRE Belfry

.......unreal you make it sound like a 50 yard FG was a given.......just 'cause PM did it at half isn't the same as a game condition........50 yards is pretty darn long.........

Well he has kicked nothing but perfect games since the Toronto game, and has even made a convert with the ball laying flat on the field. To not give him the chance will just shake his confidence again. It might make him feel like Marcel didn't trust him enough to give him the chance, when he's finally turned things around with his kicking. It would have been about a 48-50 yarder, that is in his range in my opinion.

.......not a chip shot by any means but I agree with your comments on confidence, that is important for the kicker to know the OCis behind him in those clutch times........

i believe it was into the wind
and you have to take into account the td the other way

Yeah but you take that chance everytime you kick a field goal.

I totally agree and if the special teams are working good which the riders do have there is no touchdown the other way. So what happened here is that DB had no faith in the field goal but had lots of faith in the other team scoring a touchdown. Yikes with that in mind this is not good when a coach has no faith in his players. Yes, you go for the points when you can get them.

Should have went for the field goal especially when your kickers on a roll.

Isn't Danny Barrett the guy who hired Marcel in the first place?

Is this a sign of poor judgement!

if Mcallum makes it then his confidence is there ?????
if Mcallum misses the fans are on him ?????????????

You mean they have forgiven him!