Marcel start Porter against Calgary!!!

Come on the timing is right to start Quinton Porter against Calgary next game if he plays well and Cats win he gets the following start against Montreal as well.

I think in watching both QB's last night if Porter was given the opportunity to start the game instead of being dropped in occasionally he would have done much better, at least know where he stands from the beginning not this in and out stuff.

Kevin Glenn has had his opportunities in the past few games of starting and finishing now it's Porter's opportunity to be given the start against Calgary, lets see what he can do, if he doesn't perform you bring in Glenn or Tafralis, nothing lost but much gained by giving Porter the opportunity to start a game again.

Glen played well Porter Can’t see WR and Had to Run every time he was in

i don't know what game you were watching, but Glenn controlled the offense real well, and he even made up for his lack of rushing yards with that wonderful TD to tie it up.

KG played very well. If the rest of the guys played as well, the Cats woulda won. It looks like KG is really starting to find his groove for the homestretch. He looks to be in control of the team and it can only get better with more reps. Some fans are talking about QP being the QB of future but the future is NOW. As of today, KG is the better QB and he should start with QP to back him up.

Man that last minute tying TD was poetry.

An Argo-Cat fan

I have to agree. I think Kevin Glenn played very well. I didn't mind Porter coming in for a few plays, in fact I would like them to design a series of plays designed around Porter's skills and bring him in at certain times during the game to run them. We are lucky to have two good QBs.

KG did not play well. Not sure what game anyone else waas watching.

When the rush came he just threw the ball. Many times it was to a guy in double coverage.

There were 2 direct throws to Argo linemen.

When rolling the pocket or getting flushed, he couldn't hit any open target.

He averaged less than 10 yards per pass.

The only thing I liked that Kevin did was run with the ball a few times.

Porter needs to start. Our offense was terrible last nite. We would get a couple first downs then punt.

I hate to break the news to everyone but Glenn is not the future here. Porter is. He needs to get his snaps this year. QP has won 3 games for us. KG has won 1 game.

With Glenn we will be a .500 team until he leaves. With Porter, we have the chance to be even better.

Who did Quinton Beat BC Twice and Winipeg Not the class of the league .

Glen is the better QB

Glenn gives us our best chance to win. Porter still needs to be nurtured

Porter has loads of potential, at least that's what everybody (including myself) have been saying since last season.

Fact is, that since his big game against the Als last year, there have only been sparks of brilliance, and very small ones at that.

The Cats are at .500 this season and are an improved team this year because of a few select players and a general contenders attitude. Guys like Cobb, Johnson and Floyd and Bruce to name a few....but the biggest factor is the fact that the Cats finally have a competant (but not outstanding) CFL calibre QB. While other players have failed to meet expectations,(Bauman, Prechae,Porter), the other guys have shown up every game and played like winners. The 500 record is also partially due to the fact that the Cats have had a reasonably easy schedule.

While Glenn isnt going to get you to the Grey Cup, he is going to keep you in games and thats why he has to start.

The 5-

The same BC team that beat Montreal, the Class of the League.

Come on Onknight, your man-love & hatred to players on the football team you supposedly love is just getting ridiculous.

Glenn did not play well, he made many, many horrible throws, and his head never seems like it is truly in the game. How do you get sacked in Overtime with that much time to ditch the ball?

Glenn is not the future, he's a good back-up, but in Ticatland, the back-up is CLEARLY the better Quarterback, ALWAYS.

Don’t forget. The team that Glenn beat was Edmonton who many have pointed out on here has a weak defense. So Glenn can’t beat quality team.

This is really getting silly.

Porter has won 3 games. Period. He has won 3. BC, BC and Winnipeg. Here is where people chime in and say, oh most of it was Cobb and those teams aren’t very good.

Glenn has won 2 games. Edmonton and Toronto. Now all the Glenn supporters need to tell me that these are both quality teams. Edmonton blew a 2 TD lead with less than 5 minutes in the 4th quarter. We had a chance and couldn’t sweep the worst team in the league. Those games are the ones we need.

Has Porter made mistakes? Yes, he is young and still learning but still, winning 3 games is amazing considering the other two new starters in this league, Lefors and Pickett have won 1 game combined.

Has Glenn made mistakes? Yes, throwing 2 ints vs SSK was part of the reason that we lost. Too many 2 and outs. Too many forced passes into double coverage. Too many poorly thrown passes deep. You can see now why Winnipeg let him go.

Glenn is not the future of this team. Believe it or not, we are still in a rebuilding mould this season. We have won some games but in the end, this is the year that we lay the proper foundation for the future.

We need to start Porter on Friday.


:thup: :thup: :thup:

And…I have lost count of the number of times Glenn has thrown the ball into the ground when receivers were open.
He does have plays where he excels but the last thing we need is inconsistency.
I suspect Porter is still feeling the effects of his knee problems so he is being worked back in slowly.
I hope he recovers soon because we are into mid-season with a 5-5 record. We need wins and also need to learn how to protect a lead.

Do the Cats have a quarterback controversy? The fans obviously think so!
If all that mattered was how many wins can we get THIS YEAR and we had to do it with ONE QB, I believe GLENN should be the choice.

However, that isn't all that matters and we don't have to do it with one. With concern for both this year and the future, I like playing them both. We don't know how much Porter's injuries have influenced the changes that have been made from game to game. I'd hope the plans call for him, if healthy, to get more time than he did in Toronto.

If it was my decision to make, and both are healthy, I'd regularly start Porter with the understanding that a change will be made when the team is behind by a minimum of 10 points and the coaches feel that the QB's play is the main reason they're behind.

I seriously can't believe that reasonable human beings are arguing that Porter should be the starter and that Glenn is terrible.

The Bombers are my team, so I've watched Glenn very closely over the years. If you don't think he's a good QB that can take a team to the Grey Cup, then I think you've got a short memory and a lack of perception. He has developed into a Calvillo-type QB who makes good decisions and controls the game.

Ummm actually Glenn beat Winnipeg Porter may have started but didnt do crap Glenn tied the game against Saskatchewan btw we were down 23-0 Yes i know we lost but Glenn made a game of it. Look at the stats between the 2 glenn has started for 3 games and yes we are only 1-2 with glenn as the starter But we lost to Edmonton by 1 POINT to toronto in double overtime by a field goal. And by the way although toronto may be a poor team this year there D is still something to contend with. And another big difference between Glenn and Porter how many of Porters wins had very little to do with the QB, Cobb 100+ rushing vs BC. And btw do you think Porter couldve engineered that game tying touchdown at the end of the game well never know but thats what GOOd teams do they score in the last 2 minutes when down by 8 or less and we scored I am very happy with the current starting Line-up they AS a team did look sluggish but it was a TEAM effort in the Loss.

Lol a Bomber fan is the one making the most sence on here

Your Right and Porter is a Back up at this point
He will be a good QB but not now
Glens Time is now
Porter needs to sit
He should Learn From the Sidelines and game Film
If we push him he’ll crack and be useless
We did that with a few guys

Agreed Onknight I think everyone here forgets how Cavillo did for us in 97

Yes, and Porter beat Edmonton, not Glenn. Although Glenn did play very well (outside of 2 throws) in Edmonton.

I'm from the camp that says Glenn should start. However, it certainly isn't a slam dunk either way. Anyone who argues vehemently in favour of Glenn or Porter is really simply showing bias toward their favourite because, although both have their strong points, there really isn't too much to argue between the two of them. Right now, they both are good quality QBs that I think could lead us to great things this year. I like Glenn for his experience and willingness to go down field more but I like Porter's ability to run. I don't necessarily believe that Porter is the future although if everyone keeps saying it we all start to believe it. Glenn could just as easily be the future but that's another issue.
I like what we have and I think we can use both QBs for their strengths.
In the end I still think Glenn should be our main guy this year but if Porter started next game and played well I'm happy with that.