Marcel should take a look at this guy for QB

Reggie McNeal
im not saying he is the next superstar, but it doesn't hurt to sign him for the practice roster and give him a look, just trying to stay optimistic.

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Last time i check he wassa under a contract with the bengels i might be wrong But i do like him but he might be to much of a runner for the cfl but i herd draft day from the commentor that he should thin about the cfl

I think he'd be great in the CFL. You gotta remember, he was a star at Texas A&M before he got hurt which hurt his draft stock in the NFL. He might not quite have the smarts for the game since he's still young, but if he can figure out how to use the big field to his advantage, there would be no stopping this guy.

the bengals are using him at WR, and he wants to play QB badly, plus the bengals are stacked at WR on their roster, I think sooner or later he's going to want to play QB at the pro level and not be a WR in the NFL

Option offence ie Reggie Slack- :thup: – But why kill a good tune - Crazy Train-Randy Roads with ozzy.

I think Toronto has his Rights..

does this guy ever throw the ball or just run?

We should hope Jared Zabransky gets cut from the Texans and brings his game north. He was pretty great at Boise State and played well n that win over Oklahoma

its too bad charlie doesnt run that spread offense they run in boise, the cfl defenses would get exposed if charlie could run a spread offense, with run-pass option plays like boise.

Too bad Charlie doesn't have any CFL experience to know what the CFL is about.

Oh..yeah. He does.