Marcel said we have lots of cap space?

I don't have a link, but who needs one, he basically said we are in the best possition to go after Casey and that we have 'lots' of cap space. Anyone know how much cap space and am I the only one wondering why we are still one of the cheapest teams in the league and maybe that has something to do with our record.

it over Million I believe..

Drexl, I read the same article. If the Cats really want Printers, they can even exceed the cap if they need to, to sign him and then pay the league fine at the end of the year. It's just the cost of doing business. They can certainly assure him of the starter's job which must be factored in for a guy who hasn't gotten into too many games in two years.

Just how badly do the Cats want him? I guess we'll find out.

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The Cats are the only team in the CFL without a bonifide #1 QB.

Casey would not sign with a team to be a back-up, so I can't see any team in as good as a position as us to sign him if he wants to come back and be the man.

I guess sucking has its advantages in rare times :slight_smile:

I think Printers might be unhappy waiting until there was only a minute or two left in each game for Charlie to pull Maas.

Okay, okay - I was just kidding - lighten up you Maas fans and the Taaffe fan.

You know, I wonder if that Damien Cox article also wasn't a slam towards the Cats going after Printers big-time and causing some "ill will", if you will, on the part of some in Toronto who again, of course, don't want the Cats to succeed as an organization in any way, shape or form? Hmmm

Problem solved! This folks is the reason we're 1-8! We'd be 4-4 right now if this million dollars was spent on some line men and a veteren reciever.

Lots of cap space? It is now clear what caretaker meant by 5 year plan success is now the most profitable team ,not the winningest.

don't count on that bring Right.
after all all I am hearing is bits and Peaces.
it could less it could be more?
after the Grapevine info is not that Accurate

lol it probably isn't, but then again with this team who knows.

Given the youth level and inexperience in the roster as a whole, the cap room factoid doesn't surprise me. There is a piper that can be paid to land Casey, although the football IQ of putting oneself in a bigtime rebuilding effort is dubious. One thing is for sure, he would spped it up BIG TIME!

Oski Wee Wee,

so we have a million plus the $300,000 after we cut Maas. so thats enoguh to sign printers and go hard after some good free agents and actually be a contender next year!

How long would it take to get Casey up to speed on the offense. If we sign him, can he start right away? What would be the time frame?

If this figure of a million under the cap is true, it really and truly ticks me off. They tried to field a team on the cheap (25% less than what's allowed!!) and look what they got. A team that's so bad, it's on pace for a 2-16 season.

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2 weeks.

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If we are 1 million under the cap, then according to Bunnithelyfgard link, we can get Printers. Let's go after him and get him in here. Tho sooner the better.

The only reason to sign him now is so no one else does.

"The Hamilton Tiger-Cats, who are last in the CFL with a 1-8 record and have issues at quarterback with both veteran Jason Maas and rookie Timmy Chang struggling, had three members of the organization talk to Printers and his agent, sources say. Moreover, owner Bob Young has reportedly given his blessing to president Scott Mitchell and general manager Marcel Desjardins to make an aggressive offer that sources say will likely be the most lucrative of any team. Medlock told he wants to make Printers the highest-paid player in the CFL, which would amount to close to $500,000 per season"

According to this quote, we may see Printers in the black and gold

We're talking the Cats' playbook here, so I'd say three days or so. :lol:

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