Marcel Reveals how it all came down.

Marcel posed for the Forbidden Website, while receiving information on what he needs to do to convince his boss to get Printers, and to release the Cats from the Curse.

Despite the signing of today the Curse is still in effect.

Ironically, if the Cats actually start to win again, with the Curse still hanging i there, Forbidden Chants will be stronger than ever.

"This is a new day and a new age" - Casey Printers, Sept 06, 2007.

Rescind the Curse!! Rescind the Curse, I say, before Printers gets $ucked into the vortex, like the saviours before him!

Bob is great
Bob is good
We will thank him for Casey Printers

That would be great, seeing the curse officially released from the Tiger-Cats. This will be another test of the curse....