Marcel Please Resign JoJuan "Big Dog" Armour

I actually have read ALL your postings and comments. But thanks for the welcome.

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Yes, If JoJuan is coming back I hope he got a good contract and a raise. He deserves it. Forgive some of us for not having faith in our GM after this season.

JoJuan plays with heart and intensity. He and Moreno set the example and tone on defense. This dude MUST BE LOCKED UP!!

There would be hell to pay if Marcel let him slip away or be traded (which I don't think he will do).

JoJuan is among a small group of players that have to be considered the core and future of this team. :cowboy:

hey, for as long as he can play. he's not quite a spring chicken, but still my favourite player in the league. Infact he should be teh cats nominee for outstanding D-player. he has what? 10 tackles less then Moreno, plus forced fumbles, and two recoveries one at least for a TD? C'MAWN!!! ah-hem.. pardon me... this guy is great, i tried to get an $800 bank loan to bid on his jersey... the banker had me escorted out. hahaha (i'm foolin!)

(edit) if DJD doesn't resign #32, he'd be at risk of losing all credibility as a GM, black-marking his reputation as a professional, and throwing his career to the wind. Say hello to a Tim Hortons application!(was that a little too strong-headed comment?)

one at least for a TD? C'MAWN!!!
I don't know if I would point to that too much. Although it was a great play, the ball bounced right into his hands and the only players he outran on his way to the endzone were our other defenders running with him.

Now don't forget about the Michael Bishop interception that Zeke ran back for a TD. He had to dodge more tackles and run all the way across the field to sneak into the corner of the endzone.

In the end, you're comparing 2 of the best linebackers in the league.

Dang-right I is!

Quite right.
Marcel re-sign Armour or resign.

Who cares about Spelling As Long as He is a Ticat in 08