Marcel Please Resign JoJuan "Big Dog" Armour

JoJuan Armour Is playing out his Option..
Marcel Please Make sure Resign the Big Dog Soon.
He is Vocal Leader. The Big Dog in the Yard..
One Player I am Proud to Call a Ticat

Please Make Shure He is Back in Black and Gold..

I like Armour and Moreno a lot, and it looks like they are looking to Lofton to be the other starting LB next year.

Sign Armour and keep this promising group together.

We certainly need him

Given his track record, Marcel will trade him to Saskatchewan in the off season before he becomes a free agent! In return a 4th round pick and a Canadian receiver off the practice roster.

He better be ok with a pay cut.

He'll go Toronto before taking a Paycut..

Marcel: Please re-sign Armour before you leave.

Did he tell you that?

Armour is the one player that Marcel has to resign. He and Moreno are the cornerstones of the defence. It is mandatory that these two players remain Tiger-Cats.


Cause hes not Canadian and im sure Marcel will say "American linebackers are a dime a dozen"

which is good logic considering we hadnt had good line backers since '99

He Didnt Tell Me Anything like that

He loves Playing Close to home..
He love Playing for Hamilton.
But If they Offer him a Pay Cut
I could see him going to Toronto..

Marcel will just trade him to the Riders and then cut the guy they got for him or trade him back there for nothing

Now thats just crazy talk... he'll ACTUALLY trade Armour and Lumsden for Crandell.

And then he'll defend the decision to make that trade for Crandell by saying that this is a quarterback-driven league and that Crandell did well in his appearance against the Ticats.

Anyway, I'm not sure what the team's payroll is, but I unfortunately would not be surprised if Armour did not return.

It so funny to read all of your responses for JoJuan Armour. You guys have no idea what you are talking about.

I dont see people talking about JoJuan, most of us are discussing the team's (or GM's) approach to re-signing him.

If theres something that is being left out that you might want to share, please do...

He is not going anywhere, he is not taking a pay cut!!! He will be back next year. SMARTY PANTS LOL

The pay cut comment was directed at our GM, Not JoJuan.

But seeing as you just joined today you wouldn't know my documented position on our GM asking everybody and their brother to take pay cuts or ship them out of town.

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