Marcel outcoached?

For the first time this year I felt like MB was not calling a reasonably decent game. Team prep didn't seem to be there and motivation was lacking. You don't have to be Vince Lombardi to get guys to play, but It seems like Marcel took the country club approach this week. No sense of urgency evident all night and that has to start at the top.

I try to remember this is still a work in progress, but leaving points on the field, putting guys in positions they can't handle, and questionable substitutions all strike me as on the job training for the head coach.

I don't think it was coaching that cost us. I'd put it down to execution.

Missed field goals, blocked convert..,

I think giving our guys a day off hurt us.

There was no urgency tonite. Our offense never got on track. We had a couple good drives but just way too many 2 and outs.

There were how many QB changes in the game and you don't think coaching was an issue?

I'm with CaptainKirk -- it was just plain POOR EXECUTION! I liked the little innovations and varied plays: Setta's Pass to a wide open Gordon, the pass out to Bruce with the planned flip to Cobb, getting the ball to Cobb in more varied ways, spreading the passes around to pretty well all receivers, and was impressed with the back-ups who came in to cover for the injured. I even support the giving Porter a bit of work. But, there were SO MANY instances of poor execution! If, even on just one play (the convert) each of the 12 players had executed his responsibility in only an AVERAGE fashion, the game would have been won in regulation time. What WAS "EXECUTED" -- the winning record and, along with it, the likelihood we'll have it again this year. I feel bad for the Caretaker and the business side of the operation -- let down once again by the team right after after a home crowd high point and with back-to-back home games coming up. The crowds and $$$ won't be anywhere near what they might have been and the record could very well be 5-8 before Thanksgiving.

We didn't get outcoached! There was a lack of execution as mentioned and poor kicking. Setta makes the first one, Gordon catches that pass and this game is a cakewalk.

Yes, the game was there to be had. . .

Key for me were the two ‘gimmick’ plays. . . Setta’s pass to Gordon and Bruce’s attempted flip to Cobb. . . both showed something many fans had been calling for some time, some creativity. . . so kudos to the coaching staff for putting those plays in and having the cojones to call those plays when they did.

So no it wasn’t poor coaching, it was a lack of execution on those two key plays that ended up costing the game, in my opinion. Gordon catches that ball, Bruce eats the ball instead of flipping it when it was clear that Cobb wouldn’t get to it, and the result would, I think, have been a Cats’ win.

One of the most basic plays is the extra point attempt after a touchdown. It is almost a "gimme". If the Ticats had executed that play properly after the Bruce touchdown, they would have won 20-19 despite the other mistakes they made during the evening. A lack of execution on that one play cost them the game.

run on 2n'd and 28. :roll:

run on 2n'd and 14. :roll:

Glenn was moving the ball with short passes, making first downs.

QB changes ..."just for the fun of letting somebody feel they are in the game"? :roll:

Forget the missed point alone...WE GOT OUTCOACHED! Hopefully it won't happen again, but just like the commentators said last night when they missed the "extra point", "it could come back to haunt them"... these missed 2 points could come back to haunt us for a home playoff.

Not to mention the faked punt and dropped pass at the end of it, for two reasons: 1), obviously because even though it was a perfect pass to a wide open reciever for what would have been a first down, the pass was dropped, and 2) the ball was fairly deep in Hamilton territory and it was still fairly early in the game. In a game where field position is often key, Hamilton would have been much smarter to have punted the ball away instead of handing the Argos the football so close within scoring range. That's twice I've seen Hamilton take silly 3rd down gambles like that in Toronto (the 48-0 game from a few years ago that I'm sure most if not all Ticat fans would like to forget about), and in both instances, the very next play from scrimmage resulted in Argo touchdowns.

And yes, I'm still here...believe it or not, I am a die-hard CFL fan and do on occassion like to actually discuss football with like-minded fans. Entertaining game last night, that's for sure. :thup:

Gibson calls plays for the offense.
Marshall calls plays for the defence.
Easley calls plays for the special teams.

Gibson calls plays for the offense.
Marshall calls plays for the defence.
Easley calls plays for the special teams.
Right On! :thup:

For clarification...

thats Gibson...OC...Offense Coach

thats Marshall...DC...Defence Coach

thats Easley...ST Coach

WE GOT OUTCOACHED! :roll: Argo's didn't beat us...we called plays that allowed them to win.

Let's hope it doesn't continue.

no time for the defense to rest is a big part ! Offensive play is more then just TD's and field goals They never controlled the ground game allowing for barley any catch your breath time ...
I think that was a big part of the game last night and to top it off the missed filed goal , blooper plays
He was not out coached we were out played when it all comes down to it ...

I respectfully disagree Woody.

Execution cost us the game.

Missed chances cost Cats

Hamilton falls 25-22 in OT as
Argos avenge Labour Day loss

September 12, 2009 Drew Edwards

The Hamilton Spectator

Admittedly, I am quoting a biased source, Marcel
but I agree with his assessment whole heartedly.

We had a PAT blocked, they made a two-point convert.

We had someone wide open on a fake punt, we don't make the play.

We fumble it in our end, they get points off of that.

We miss a long field goal, they make two," his voice trails off.

"The bottom line was they made plays
when they needed to and we didn't."

On a day in which both
the Ticats and the Argos played
a sloppy, injury-riddled, punt-happy affair

the Ticats were unlikely to make up
for the opportunities we missed when

our O.C. didn't call for passes
on those two 2nd and long plays

and the Ticats were unlikely to make up for
the opportunities Kevin Glenn missed

when Marcel put Porter in for 2 series.

I agree with Capt Kirk. If the players did what they were suppose to we would have won the game. Great throw by Setta. Receiver dropped the ball. The convert blocked was a keep turning point of the game. Marcel did not get out coached.

He surely wasn't outcoached last night. The coaching staff had a good gameplan and after a few mistakes, the players took care of business.
Great game.