Marcel or Gibson - Who's calling the plays?

For the 2nd week in a row our lack of adjusment on offence was brutal. Again no flare, screen passes or sweeps for Cobb to counter the rush. And still trying to run him inside rather than using him to his strengths. Are the Marcel’s or Gibson’s calls? Or both?

Porter is beginning to look to timid to execute. He fumbles and makes bad decisions when he is rushed. Before he go injured he seemed a lot calmer.


It Time for Marcel to take over playcalling ..

tHEY ARE SMOKIN DOPE........ :cowboy:

Well, if you want to go full throttle with the dope analogy, heroin is more apt for the asleep-at-the-switch value. :wink:

If Calagary rushes 7 guys - why don't we have a play to counter this. We still have 5 - 7 yrad passes and nothing that streched the defence. We need some new returning the punts/kicks.

I was very impressed for all but the the final few seconds. I thought we played very well on both sides of the ball. But this was snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Hell, there’s no way any play should’ve been called that even had the potential to pull them out of 1 point range.

Porter deserves full marks for getting the team in position to win, but I also am laying almost all of the blame on him for the loss. Suitor – or whoever was in booth – was right. That was the only thing he couldn’t allow to happen.

Almost mystfied at how the Calgary offence – booed off the field almost consistantly in the second half – are getting 2 points out of this.

Really hope this doesn’t cost us our playoffs.

Edit — fair blame should also be passed along to Nick Setta. Love the guy, but missed field goals and bad punts were a big factor.

HOnestly, I really hate doing the post-loss whining…but, I only feel its warranted since there were so many positives in this game.

Is it just me or does it seem like when Glenn is in they let him loose a little more and when Porter is inHe looks like he is hand cuffed.

With a few minutes left in the game Calgary began blitzing with 8, and were successfully in sacking
Porter. Calgary's defense was predictable . The TV crew saw it and commented.

     There are plays that will exploit the blitz.      

     WHY .....  didn't the O coach take advantage   ?        Is  ....  HE  the problem ?

Agreed! The flat was continually open with none of our guys in it. When Calgary showed blitz,
our guys should have made appropriate adjustments.
I blame Gibson for this oversight.

Put in Glenn and have him call his own plays!

8) I agree with you.
 Plus, get rid of this joker, Gibson !!

 Another in the long list of OC jokes we have had to endure over the years in Hamilton !!

I’ll 2nd that. Just a little “common sense” from the average fan could make better adjustments in play selection then what we’ve seen.

Gibson's offense worked amazingly in Saskatchewan but he had players that actually knew how to use more complicated plays and come back after making a bad play and make an outstanding play.

Im sure Gibson's calling the plays .
Let's start with Getting rid of gibson after that i see marcel taking over for now ..hes got Jones and alot of help on the sidelines make calls......Gibson has to go and take porter with him my minds made Porter and Gibson have made too too many costly mistakes in regular season . What is going to happen come playoff's time its not the same football come Playoffs so we need someone that has been there in the heat during the CFL playoff run ... Lets hope they fire Gibson Let marcel put jones in the press box hes a very good x Qb with alot of brains to help ....put him up in the box and let marcel and jones do it together .... Go with someone the players relate to ....something has to change this week not next week or were done we need to make drastic changes .We as a team have to get out of this learning curve on a sheet of ice with bald tires and no windshield wipers