marcel on ch sports

marcel is going to be on ch sports in a couple minutes

They showed a clip of Bubba's Sportscope Show
to be aired fully on Sunday at 11:30 PM.

He was asked one question on it.

Are the Ticats rebuilding or re-tooling?

He said, what we are doing, is, getting better.

With no explanation or examples.

Huh? Some kind of addition by subtraction I guess.

hes an idot, straight up.

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Are you saying MD is wrong, and we don't have to get better?

How many winning seasons did we have with Flick and Smith starting, and no credible backup QB?

Now we have a credible backup QB. Smith and Flick will be replaced (Smith by a younger, cheaper Canadian, Flick by a younger, cheaper, taller import). Plus, the "losing mentality" that all of these players we are getting rid of goes out the door with them.

What is wrong with that?

I think you should think before you write your responses.
I have seen many times on your posts you are calling people "idiots","morons"..etc..
why?..because you don't agree with them or they don't agree with you!? there is no need for personal insults.
come on some respect too people.

P.s. give Marcel a chance,we wanted changes,now we are getting changes!...lets see what happens next.

Blitz 21...get real. I hope you weren't expecting to see the same team back this year and expect better results (4-14!). Changes have to be made. Obviously these guys don't fit in in the new salary structure. Show a bit of class on this forum.

  1. This bugs me, by saying this its like you are laying the blame on these guys. Flick nor Smith were the reason we had losing seasons. Both are championship quality players and will show that on another team.

  2. Younger? Did you look at the age to these 2? Thats why this is a salary dump, at 26 years old neither player is being moved because of their age, you hit the nail on the head when you said “Cheaper”.

  3. Losing mentality? You think they liked losing? you think they wanted to lose? Again, you’ll see how they do on a championship calibre team.

I agree. Clearly it's NOT an age thing. I think both Flick and Smith have their best years ahead of them. They'll show us that, I'm sure.

I’m curious…

Why is Marcel being blamed for all of this anyhow?

(not that there is anything to be blamed for)

Coach Taaffe has been in the picture for about a month now?..I would think that whatever moves are being made now are a joint effort by everyone…

I thought Deej and Wayne were awesome but unless we know what the grander plans are, we just can’t say what is a good deal right now and what isn’t…

From my understanding both these players were pretty resonable in their salaries. MD was looking for a QB that had CFL experience. I am not sure why he thought to go after Butler, but from what I have been told, the players he traded were not high up in salaries compared to many in the league.

How many games did Flick win us last year by catching multiple TD's? Didn't we go a stretch of four home games without a TD? You don't think he had ANY hand in that? We need receivers who are going to get open consistently in every game if we are going to win a championship.

How many games did we win last year because our O-Line opened up the running game? We had Corey Holmes and Lumsden in the backfield, and they never had a hole to run through! You don't think Smith had ANY hand in that? We need O-Linemen who will open up holes for our RB's consistently in every game if we are going to win a championship.

I understand a lot of the posters on this website were friends with Smith and Flick (I guess you talked to them at practice or at meet and greets or whatever). But these two guys were name guys who were in the league a while. So yes, with that in mind, they were probably making above-average money. If you were MD and you had to work within a new SMS, and you had well-paid vets like Flick and Smith who weren't doing their jobs consistently, wouldn't you move them for cheaper, more talented players, too? Montreal and BC do this to their vets all the time, and look how competitive they are every year.

Getting into the flogging a dead horse category here, but i don't think anyone is suggesting that Desjardins doesn't want to improve the team, BUT, are some saying the new GM is as above scrutiny for any moves he makes? This trade was quite questionable even though some are going to try to rationalize it and that is open to debate. Flick and Smith were not old and I doubt either of them made huge CFL bucks; so maybe the new regime didn't see them fitting in as good contributors for whatever reason, BUT - Desjardins should have got wayyyyyyyyyy more in return for 2, young proven league starters than an unproven back-up QB (if the Ticats were so desperate for experience at the position - both Spergeon Wynn & Brad Banks are on the CFL FA list); plus they got ripped-off a few spots in the 2nd round of the draft by switching (giving up the 9th overall pick -in maybe a thin draft year - maybe not too smart).
As far as last year's O-line and running game - the O-line and Ranek shredded the Bombers D (at the time one of the best against the run in the league) for well over a 100 yards last season in one of the few impressive wins - that the coaching staff couldn't build on that was a sign of dumb offensive coaching (Paopao) and not a weak O-line that played great then.

Desjardins might make lots of other great moves to re-build the team and lots of time to do that before TC begins; little (aside maybe from Butler coming in and winning the starting QB job and lighting up the league) however, will be able to convince me this trade was a shrewd move - seems more like a desperate one.

o lighten up people. jus tryna have some fun u all r way to seriouse about this stuff jeez, lol, i do not hate marcel or anything i like wat hes done and brings 2 tha table, a i dont take ur crap attitude but i dont have tp agree with his moves so i speak my mind. watch next week he may make a beter move and ill say i love him, u all need to chill out tryna run me outta town n shit.

first i dont think its wrong brining in a QB with cfl experience at any expense. but he a third string QB who started like 2 game against us of all teams worth a 2nd draft pick, a canadian lineman and a standout receiver.(and yes he is a standout receiver with a QB who can throw him the ball) and also the rights to a young QB. i uno, it was risky, we could have maby sent this trade torwards BC and perhaps picked up say buck pierce?.. hmm..

i can feel it now, u think havin fun is insulting people blah blah and all the rest of u babies out there r gunna say.
u guys all need to relax in life, clearly the people in the office know more about buiness side of football then me so let them make there calls, i dont always have to agree, and i say whats on my mind. deal with it thats who i am.

im not tryna pick any fights but i mean ive been in this forum for like 2 years now cant u all jus ignore me if i offend u.. when really, i wasnt offending u guys at all, u all r jus like 2 stick up for 1 another and who feel everytime sombody else does sumthin wrong they should be called out and chased down by the local villagers with a pitchfork and torch, cuz u need more then 1 person to agree with u so u call me out? w.e people maby u all need to show some class urselves, all gangn' up on me n shit.i got as much rights speaking my mind on this forum as u all do. ha "Get Real"

Marcel said at the end of the season that no one should be suporised at the moves that were going to be made. He had also made a comment about bigger receivers. DJ albeit a very good receiver, was not a #1 and was probably too small for what Taaffe and Desjardins wanted, added with a high salary, he's gone. Do I have a problem with this. Absolutley not. There are but a handful of players I would keep from last years squad.

I have said this numerous times, but I'm to the point now that I don''t give 2 hoots about the name on the back of the jeresey. As long as this team continues to get better and win football games I'm happy.

Just remember we haven't played one game yet. Not one, heck this team hasn't even been asembled as a group and there are some of you claiming that he's made a mistake. Wait to see how this team performs after a few weeks to make your judgement.

This is how football is with a SMS, not too mention a new GM and coach who have absolutley no loyalties to anyone player on this team. If the players want to play in Hamilton they are now going to have to prove they want to play in Hamilton. I truly believe that most of our problems stemmed from inexperienced coaching and a players lack of trust.

Desjardins stated that players had tanked, well those players are now seeing how the "new era" of Hamilton Tiger Cat football works. There is no "coasting" you give 100% or you look for work.

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