Marcel is singing - My Way

I believe Glenn would have been the teams starter long ago if it were not for a rookie head coach's strategic mistakes. Firstly, he decided that a rookie QB is going to be the teams starting QB in training this season or until "hell freezes over." Secondly, but Worse, when he publically announced his intentions with the QB's he left no doors unlocked to let himself out should a change in his strategy be necessary. He was adament that this was the way it was going to be, like it or not. However, it became quite evident a few games into the season that this strategy was failing and seriously affecting the whole team and it's fan support negatively. The players have now lost their intensity and, the fans on the fence have seen enough to stay away from the park. A window of opportunity to revive interest from the nearly dead opened a crack for Marcel when the Cats won on Labour Day. He should have started Glenn the following game and had they won in Toronto a transition of strategy (which IMO, is needed) could have gracefully begun. But either his stubbornness or ego got in the way. So where are they now? I'll tell you where they were yesterday. The player were on the field in Ivor Wynne working heartlessly (can you say revolt?) to earn their paycheque, (Read between the lines of Bruce's comments) and the smartest fans who expect a professional show for their money, not a QB in training, were at home. This season had potential for the Cats far beyond where they are now. And before it comes completely unwound, Marcel needs to quickly find some way to suck it up and replace his failed experiment and show faith in a proven QB, before this team totally quits on him. His job and the financial health of this franchise depend on it!

No one action has had more effect on this teams lack of greater success than the refusal to attempt to fit Kevin Glenn in as our starting QB.

I wouldnt have any problem with the 'Porter or bust' mentality if we were 2-12 right now... but playoffs are in sight (home playoffs no less) and its time to put the 'future' mentality aside FOR NOW and focus on the rest of this season.

This is football. It only takes ONE freaking game to do something in the playoffs. This isnt hockey or basketball... where the better teams make it through.. this is football! If you make the playoffs, all it takes is ONE good game to advance... TWO good games to make it to the Grey Cup. Im not saying its probable that would happen but its certainly possible! And thats the saddest part of all... potentially throwing this away for a far smaller probability (Porter developing into an all star)

In what freaking universe is there a rule stating, a QB will not be successful unless he starts 15+ games in his first freakign season.

Old blue eyes just became young googlee eyes

He did. They lost.

Thanks for the cool Canadian Flag logo .....

Watching Marcel on the news tonight he looks a lot older than he did in the spring, try to get some sleep pal your going to need it :cry:

At the start of the season Porter showed promise and really, to me, it looked like a good decision as Porter was playing well enough and was protecting the ball extremely well. The Cats were winning going 4-2.

Since then we've gone 2-6. Who could have foreseen this regresssion? I'd bet most would have thought he would have improved after 13 games. I know I did. I still think he can be an excellent QB. He just may have been overwhelmed.

8) Couldn't agree with you more, "laughinghard".

He's just trying to develop a QB so that the Ticats can build like Edmonton and Montreal. I just think after the game in Montreal he should have parked it till next year. He's not the first guy to hang around the roulette table a little too long. Let's see how he get's out of it.

Okay Marcel, time to get the Cat Machine back into gear, it's been stalled in neutral for the past three games and GET KEVIN GLENN in to start all remaining games backed up by our new number two guy Adam Tafralis, Quinton you tried your best, over time I'm sure you can develop into a great QB but right now we need to win and win bad. We need a new positive enforcement in this team, we know what losing does it brings everyone down and turns fans away, so lets get back on the Winning side of life again and start with a win in Montreal this weekend!!

In Montreal the fans think the Cats are a Choke and a Joke team, they don't believe that this team should even be honored with second place in the East because they feel the Cats are a basement team like the Argo's and should be, well now we share second place with Winnipeg, who is coming on strong.

We have an opportunity to win if we start with Kevin Glenn, get the heads of the Cat players back in the game and focused on winning not whining and losing. We are the HUGE UNDERDOGS coming into Montreal, lets play football like WINNERS and get our asses in gear!!


laughinghard...can you please explain how this little tidbit of information fits into your theory?