marcel is ok

i myself have thought for about a month about trading holmes for an offesive wr threat we would use.we could not send corey to an east team had to be a west team who is not in a cross over race that leaves bc an sask.

corey is a very very classy guy and a great team player it made me sick for 2 seasons he was not used right at all.marcel new this and jesse sealed the deal with his play.any trade like this will be scritized to deaf because of the players involved for yrs from last yr to the getzlaf angle to jp draft pick and so on.but the trigger had to be pulled end of story.

if we cant win the cup i always liked the rider nation which i call ticat west now lol how many ex tabbies are there now .in my opinon we are starting to get some pieces here for the team ,good young ol guys,young canadian guys recivers,jesse,chang young qb,speedy yankee wr. good young d lineman. mlb moreno wow great lb ,2 others great.but we need cb db s to be upgraded nxt. charlie is a good coach marcel good gm the foundations are being set i think.but you never know great teams only come together if you catch lighting in that bottle because its chemistry.

my 2 cents for my rant today lol.