Marcel equals Vanilla- time of the extract

time for the extract...

from trimble to sazio to kush...(ya ya I remember ..only a short time) to the Little General

this town and team only responds to intensity

if you are playing 500 ball for three years running.. you are not improving you are breeding mediocrity.

Gosh I hate the words"Intensity.." don't you Marcel? It means anger and focus...

where are the team leaders.... oh yah we retired one with the heart and history of a Lion and traded another - a few steps short of his full speed I admit... to BC.

It starts with a D line that cant contain - forcing linebackers to improvise and Dbacks to run all over the field in confusion.
and that breeds points

on the O side-- its a band of receivers that dont "read" their QB and a QB that 1.cant scamper 2. cant find the safety valve receiver...

boy...500 football.... it beats a decade of 3-15 seasons but after a while vanilla loses its flavour too