Marcel Desjardins is...The man without a clue

how many games is this going to happen where we cannot block for a quarterback? This is not new to the cats just this year, and he still is not bringing in guys to at least try and make them better…sure he’s brought in Casey Printers and a crapload of WR’s but honestly…what is Printers going to be able to do with a line like this? The same goes for the defensive secondary…guys like Roberts and Gordon are getting beat left right and center and there is no effort on bringing in guys to help them get better…this team will not win another game this season no matter if Printers starts every game if Marcel does not put any effort into signing guys on the O-line and signing DB’s! On defense first of all get cody out of there and SIGN A TRUE SAFETY! I don’t care if Cody has played there in the past that is not where he played so good last year…get Roberts out of there and relegate him to backup…he is not ready to be a starter yet…and lets get some guys to actually block for our quarterback and allow him more than 1 second to get rid of the ball, and allow the recievers to get open…I know most of you will say easier said than done but come on? There just is no effort at all to make this team better in the positions that we NEED!!!

they did, richard Karikari...

the problem is, you can't really just go out and SIGN A TRUE SAFETY... because those dont exist down south. gotta draft one or steal one...

or do what we're doin and wait for one to develop.

(I'd rather see Beveridge or Gauthier back there... but thats just me)

down south the have safeties...they are called free or strong...there has to be a guy that was released from an NFL team that played safety and KNOWS how to read a QB...I do agree that beveridge looked good back there the game he had earlier...dont know why they replaced him...then they could move Cody back to his original spot and stop them from picking on Roberts...becasue they know he is not ready

free and stronge safety in the NFL does not play the same as CFL safety, any more than NFL tightend is the same as CFL slotback.

I know that it is not the same but the guys who play safety in the NFL still have the same skill assests as a CFL safety...they still have to know how to read a QB the same

they actually have a much different skill set.

with a four man backfeild their safeties play more like our defensive halfbacks.

ok so maybe they have a little differnt skill set but they have to know where the QB is going to be/throw...thats what a safety in the CFL needs...oh and look roberts got beat...AGAIN

Marcel is doing a great job managing this team.
If it was not for his foresight we would not have been able to afford Casey Printers.
He has brought in some very good players..and a few not so good ones. He has let go some very good players..and also some not very good ones. But look at where this team is now and the great players he and the scouting staff have found. It looks very good for the future. If we can keep the good players and make some changes in the OC and DC positions I think we will be very competitive next season with more improvements after that. Too bad we had to sacrifice this season but I think there will be a pay-off...finally.

Agreed 100%

To have this thread after Thursday’s signing is flat out wrong. Unreal.

Do GMs make mistakes? Of course. Marcel has been spending most of his time undoing the mistakes of previous crowds. Careful drafting and taking the time to evaluate raw talent means you have a 1-9 team that is light years ahead of last year’s 1-9 in terms of future potential, straight up. It is ludicrous to suggest that a GM who landed the coup of the year (and it may yet be proved of the decade) can be thrown under the bus TWO days after the earthquake of the Cats ACTUALLY WINNING A BIDDING WAR AGAIN.

By the way, I am still pissed at Ralph Sazio for the Ealey-for-Don Jonas trade. It made my shrine to him a millimetre lower, but I digress. :wink:

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To have this thread after Thursday's signing is flat out wrong. Unreal.


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Nope, I'd still say Desjardins has failed. Printers was a no-brainer. You have the worst QB in the league leading you to a 1-8 start, you go after a proven QB AND you have the money to do so. Where he's really fallen short is recruiting for the D. The secondary is very weak and the line can't pressure QBs. Cody has to stay where he is because at 5'9" he's too short to play CB. The team needs 3 D-linemen short (McKay-Loescher is ok), and 4 DBs (Cody stays). The LBs are ok. IMO, on balance that's a pretty poor recruiting record.

An Argo-Cat fan

Barneyfife: Well..considering this is only 10 games into the first year as GM I'd say we are not off to too bad a start from scratch. We do have a core of excellent players. Not enough yet though.
I fault him for not lobbying to give Williams more opportunities earlier this season. But maybe he did.
All in all I think we need to see another years worth of work from Marcel before we on the outside can really pass judgement on his skills.

Not going to argue where the weaknesses are. I am going to defend Marcel for the fact we had the weakest FA pool in memory last offseason due to the SMS re-signing frenzy in November and that to suggest that 4-14 is a position of strength to be dealing with the other seven clubs in trading terms is missing the point.

Yes, they MUST have better recruiting over the next several weeks. That is precisely why Rambo was brought aboard. I understand the desire for quick fixes on the defensive side of the ball in particular. I am more worried about scheme and COMMUNICATION ISSUES than I am with personnel after today. We can't blitz without tipping off the entire bloody park, we can't tackle consistently enough, and we can't get plays in on D because the bats in O'Neil's playcalling belfry are actually passenger pigeons. I give the lads on the field more of a pass after that spectacle.

How long has THAT been going on? I wonder.

It's more than just Marcel's problem. But his BlackBerry wizardry of Wednesday-Thursday spiked his value in my book.

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i've always had a real problem with flick/smith for butler trade.
desjardins went pro montreal,brought his people and in return charlie brought in his staff.
i understand the rebuild but the approach is wrong.
on the upside the signing of loescher and finding moreno is great.