Marcel Desjardins Fired

SHOCKING, not shocking


Chris Jones?

Now that it's mathematical, no reason to delay the inevitable. Let today be black Monday

Despite building a Grey Cup winner from expansion is quick fashion, this rebuild is going nowhere.

From hot seat to the proverbial electric chair...zapp...

He did a good job at getting things up and running and took advantage of a good free agent year after year one - - but has not been able to replace the talent that left over the years. Now to find a good bonified replacement - ownership cannot make a mistake with this one.

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OTTAWA — Marcel Desjardins is no longer the general manager of the Ottawa REDBLACKS.

According to a report from Postmedia’s Tim Baines, Desjardins was fired on Monday morning.

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About 3 years too late ...

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Jim Popp?

Other quick names:
Shawn Burke
John Murphy
Danny McManus

would Dave Dickenson make a good GM/Coach (not that I would be in a hurry to replace Lapolice)

Heck - would Hufnagel want a new challange?

ASM Jeremy Snyder will be the interim GM. Jean-Marc Edme becomes the interim AGM

The CFL trade deadline is this Wednesday, October 27th at 5pm ET.
Obviously they didn't want Marcel making any moves,
But it is an important date to get picks or prospects for the future

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The search began weeks before Desjardins was given the pink napkin. All the above are good names, but you'd have to include Kyle Walters from the Bombers who's not yet even 50, Brendan Taman a notorious blast from the past and maybe even Lord Walter (Wally Buono).
Lyle Bauer will apply for the job, as he's been furiously trying to wedge his way back into the league for years but his applications will somehow miss the decision desk.

Of all the current suspects I obviously like Walters the most. He's an eastern boy. He's done a great job in Winnipeg - propped up by a supportive executive when things weren't going his way and he seems to have both northern & southern player pipelines. Winnipeg might have a homegrown replacement for him already should Walters take the deep plunge into the nation's capital.

After that its a true pick 'em. Tilman is the slickest but also has a track record littered in sleazy. Barker is a proven leader but he's a senior citizen and seems content drawing a paycheque as a TSN panelist.

Sunderland has some good qualities, too! But maybe not enough to salvage what appears to be a sinking ship in Ottawa.


Geroy Simon could be ready to step in the role as well if they can pry him from the Lions.


Likewise, does Easy Ed Hervey have any shelf life remaining?

With Barker In Toronto they did find QB's to play in this league . Now I don't know if that was Barker or great scouts alone but under his watch he fed the league QB's . I also like that he also wants Canadian QB's to succeed .

McManus is another guy that might be up to the challenge .

They beat Sunderland teams twice in a awful year that should be an indicator of no .

Jones failed to get his team out for the national anthem in Ottawa that's bad karma . Only time I ever saw that happen .

Maybe somebody over looked that is an up and comer .

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Pry him from BC?
I don't know if anyone wants the job in BC
The Lions just lost 45-0 to WPG
It seems it hasn't even hit the news in BC
No outrage from the fans, no caring from fans or even the media
I don't know or remember if a CFL team has not scored at least a point in a game!
They havent been officially eliminated YET, but something has to be done there
The new owner(God bless him) has a ton of work ahead of him

Harvey may have worn out his welcome in the CFL due to shady financial deals and burned bridges.
Not sure many players would be enticed to play on any team managed by Hervey.

I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned ....drum roll please :drum: :drum: :clown_face: the one , the only...

Kavis Reed :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Many Renegade fans dislike Hervey after he used Ottawa publicly in a contract stunt before re-signing with Edmonton. Not saying that precludes him from the discussion but it is a mark against him in that market.