Marcel Coach of the year

I think it's between Marcel and Trestman.

Marcel will get votes for great turnaround, excellent motivation, it's a feel-good story. Being a Canadian coach won't hurt him either.

Trestman will get votes because his team finished 15-3, had by far the most points scored, and by far the fewest points allowed. I seem to recall a lot of people last off-season (on this forum and in some press comments) suggesting that the Als were getting long in the tooth and were probably going to be on the decline in 2009, that maybe we could even contend for first place. Instead, they raised their performance to higher levels than ever and ran away with the season.

Both of these coaches made important contributions to the success of their teams.

Wally has done a good job turning his teams fortunes around.

I hope the Cats do not look past BC.
This is the playoffs and B.C. and Wally are very experienced.


From 3-15 to 9-9 and a home playoff game and people still think he shouldn't win it?? Whatever. I'm sure the only "award" he cares about right now is the Grey Cup.

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I absolutely love that. What a great moment.

Congrats to MB and all the Ticats brass for reaching Stage 1 of the rebuilding process. I fully expect to see you all in Montreal for the eastern final.

Its been a bumpy road, but now things are looking alort more stable at QB, Receiver and in General MB has to get the credit for fianlly putting all the pegs in the right holes just in time for the playoffs....

As far as Coach of the Year though...forget it! For the first three 12 games of the year, Marcel was widely critisized here for several player decisions, a bland playbook, and other factors....How quickly we all forget.

There is a coach out there, who in 2 seasons has taken a 8-10 aging team with a washed up QB, and turned it into a 15-3 juggernaut with a MOP QB (likely for this year as well), the best record in the past decade, top ranked both offensively and defensively.

This isn't about trolling...I am pleased at heck that the Cats have turned the corner and are contenders, but as far as COY, there are two guys out there who should win the award, Trestman or Ken Miller.

Coach (curse) of the year can be given to OB,
it's his team but alas thereisn't a GM of the year so Marcel shines on because of OB.

I don't think Marcel should get it at this stage in the season, but if he takes the team to the Grey Cup - whether he wins it or not-- it would be hard to deny him the award. And if he takes the team that far, even given the early bumpiness of this journey, he would be well deserving of the award.
But he should get the award not necessarily for his decisions, but for his calm, confident demenour which he has passed on to the team.

This is what I like best about Marcel. His approach is positive and highly professional. That rubs off on the players. The head coach's leadership style is an important ingredient in building a good team, and a hallmark of a quality organization.

In spite of the many issues we may have had with coaching and personnel decisions this season I am fairly confident we can all agree that there has been a change of culture on the team that starts with the head coach. All along it has been, what is best for the team, and when players strayed from that philosophy they were quickly brought back on board. There have been precious few public statements that had a selfish tone and that cannot happen unless the coaches dismiss favouritism outright and demand from the stars the same as from the foot soldiers. In this scenerio the total exceeds the sum. I believe this team has achieved that due to this year's coach of the year

While I agree that the cats have made a great turn around from last season, there 9-9 record is still only mediocre. If MB had started Glenn in games right from the start (instead of the Porter experiment), the Cats would likely have competed for 1st with Montreal and would likely have had at least 2 or 3 more wins.

Yes, Hamilton is definitely improved from last season, but the coach’s decision not to make Glenn the starter earlier in the season almost cost us a playoff spot. For that reason, I don’t think he would be deserving of the award.