Marcel Coach of the year

Coach of the year.

What a turn around this year. Starting with OB taking a chance on Marcel. Marcel bringing in his coaches. The chance for Cobbs due to injuries of the other running backs. McDaniels and not to mention the play of the defense under Marshall. The changing of the QB and the wisdom Marcel inspires his players. A special thanks to the Argos for Bruce. This is just things to come for our cats,

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

Couldnt agree more.

If Marcel does not win Coach of the Year there should be a federal inquiry. As well OB should be exectutive of the year.
Finally I certainly hope we can keep Greg Marshall on our staff.

Please don't Cruse him with that award

Coaches who win that one year our fired with 2 years..

Doug Berry Coach of year Fired
Greg Marshall Coach of year Fired.

Greg marshall should be coach of the year.

Check out the post-game on This guy gets it!!! No questions about it, he has gotten this team on a mission.

I think it's a lock. No matter what happens from here on in....that award is his.

marcell tell them to forget about it the coach of the year is a curse

I hope you guys are joking...
we have been hot and cold as a team this year, a lot of the reason we were cold is Marcel's fault.

Give the guy a break, he is human and being a first yr. coach he had some growing pains.
He corrected his errors 4 games ago. Remember I was riding him as well. However I also said once he put Glenn in the drivers seat we would go 3 and 1 for the rest of the season.
Silly me, we almost went 4-0.
Hats off to Marcel for having the guts to make the change late in the season.
Best of luck to him and the entire team thru the play-offs.

Doc 8)

I'm not so sure that MB's decsion to put Glenn in wasn't preplanned anyway.. .we had a decent cushion in 2nd so he played Porter until the final hour to get him game time experience.. .then when we needed to step it up.... in comes Glenn.... I think MB had it planned this way the whole time.

I had the same thought, however he waited at least one game to many for my nerves.

The QB discussion is over. It didnt come back to bite us in the butt because we finished where we thought we should finish. We were never gonna catch Montreal, but we finished 2nd and got our home game.

Hats off to Marcel for being man enough to make that change when it had to be made.

there is no chance that this was his plan.
and im not hateing on him i just dont think theres any way he should even be considered for the award.

Hand’s Down he has no other competition for the turnaround we have made !!!

Marcel is the winner …

Makaveli: I did not want to get involved in this discussion because
A) I really like Marcel
B) I agree with you and I think his hesitation to go to Glenn almost cost us the playoffs.
But, I do think he will win coach of the year this year and in some ways he certainly deserves it. I love his approach and what he has done for the team’s confidence. I hope he has learned a valuable lesson from finally going with the veteran.
And when he wins coach of the year, he should walk right over to Kevin Glenn and give it to him because Mr. Glenn saved his bacon big time.

Joking ? you name with fact's what Head Coach in the CFL could contest what turnaround we have had ...

No one can compare to the challenges that Marcell had to fight threw with his players sure his porter project was extended too much but it never cost us the playoffs and close is only good in horse shoes ...cum on hes got the award hands down no competition this year for that category.

Well I would not say he has it hands down. The Edmonton coach has done a great job but there is a fellow in Montreal who is most deserving.
OBie gave Marcel the talent he has and Marcel came to within a sliver of throwing it away. If the Ticats go on to get to the Grey Cup (not even win it) he will get coach of the year. but if Montreal wins, and they should given their record, it will be Trestman's award.

Id give it to Trestman, the award is best coach not most improved. Saying that i think you could make an argument for almost any coach in the league beside Kelly and Andrus.

And what challenges did he have to fight threw besides his qb's because you just said he didnt do the greatest job with that one. most teams this year have gone threw qb challenges BC has used 5. Im not saying Marcel is a bad coach, he isnt my favorite but if he gets wins thats all i care about.