Marcel Bellefeuille

Arash Madani tweeting that Bellefeuille has been fired. Didn`t see this coming, thought it would be Kevin Glenn as the scapegoat.

I don't think we should put Bellefeuille on the list of possible offensive co-ordinator replacements for Brady. :smiley:

Weird. Ticats beat als in playoffs but then fire HC. Alouettes look like winners in the end with Trestman still here :wink:

As long as Popp is signed til 2014 maybe extending Marc a couple of years would be a wise move for all concerned.

If Brady decides to leave with Scott, maybe Marcel will be your next OC?

The Cats beat our C-list defense and got torched by our offense in a shootout. Not really a convincing win. Plus, the poor showing against Winnipeg -- 3 points scored, almost 200 yards of rushing given up -- probably made it clear to Obie that the team wasn't as close, in its current incarnation under Bellefeuille, as maybe some fans thought.

LOL. No way Marcel comes back to Montreal. We already had him once as OC in 2007 and it was an absolute disaster.

Love your new signature btw dap. :thup:

The Lions were the team of destiny in 2011 and I understand why. Als did their best as they always do.

The pursuit was indeed the reward (2011 team mantra). I finally understood what it meant before i left for Vancouver, even if you don't win it all it's the accomplishments during the journey that are your reward and safe to say the als had quite a few in 2011.

2012 team mantra should be: 'Just have fun'. Enough with the pressure already. Go alouettes. :cowboy:

Does Anybody want Tim Tibesar? Calgary? Please? Pretty please? :stuck_out_tongue:

I certainly hope that Popp still has his magic. Rather than recycling coaches from the CFL, go out to NFL or NCAA-FBS to get fresh, new talents. It works very well with Trestman.

According to Drew Edwards via Rod Peterson, Kent Austin currently Cornell`s head coach interviewed for the Hamilton job yesterday.

Do that and the attendance will sky dive. It is the fact that this team needs to perform to survive. They do not have the luxury of the Montreal Canadiens or Saskatchewan Roughriders. Fans will not flock the stadium no matter how bad they do on the field.

'Have fun' does not mean 'don't perform'. Now you don't have the pressure that defending champions have . You play better when you're having fun not when you're under the gun.