Marcel Bellefeuille Spotting!

Ran into Marcel at The Mountain YMCA , shook his hand ,told him i I thought he did a great job for our team , he said he is state side coaching UFL , told him like to see him back soon in the CFL how about Ottawa ?!and he just smiled ! A CLASS ACT it made my day! :thup:

Neat little story.

What was doing in Hamilton? Does he live here?

Still think firing him was a mistake.

I've a feeling we'll see him in Ottawa. It's a perfect fit.

The high point of his Hamilton tenure, beating the Alouette dynasty in a playoff game in Montreal. What a game, what a win!

Depends how long his UFL contract is or if he has an out since the UFL is starting up again in September.

I cannot believe the UFL is coming back!

Marcel started in the UFL as a volunteer coach. He may have a contract now but I assume he could get a release from it easily

he was a volunteer coach under Bart Andrus,only because the cats were still paying him last year!

They even have a new TV deal with CBS Sports Network.

That would explain a lot so I would imagine if he is no longer getting paid a salary he will be in the hunt for a coaching job.
Some guys just can not live without it like former Hamilton Coach Cortez he could have coasted the nest couple of years or perhaps volunteered his coaching services to a CIS team but he himself said he would be coaching somewhere this season. He just happened to get a pretty high profile and good paying job as an OC in the CFL for the Riders.
Bellefuille would be a perfect fit as the new Ottawas first coach. He will be a great front person as well as a good football coach. The key would be to surround himself with a top OC and top DC as well as a good special teams coach. Where he can be just the Head Coach and not get caught up in a situation where many HC are these days as being HC and running the offense or the defense as well. He is an expereinced OC but better if he were just to be HC and oversee the whole operation in all three phases of the game.
When a HC is in Charge of his speciality area as OC or DC as well as head coach is where problems often arrise.
In Toronto they have made it work do to a unique situation and friendship with HC Millanovich also being the OC and asst head coach Jones as DC. Bothe expereinced and both good friends on the same page makes it work. Throw in an up and coming HC prospect in Mike O’Shea as special teams coach has made it work.
I will be interested to see how much the HC/OC decides to do with Owens in shortening his return duties to keep him even fresher as an offensive weapon. I can see Owens at least giving up the Kick Off return aspect of his returns
I imagine that he is bilingual if so he would be able to make the Ottawa franchise big news in both the French press and english press and interviews for both TSN and RDS. SOmething that the Alouettes have not taken advantage of.
This is a reason why I think a CFL team in Quebec City would work with a Bilingual coach as the rest of the province outside of Montreal could take the QC team as their team.
For now if the Ottawa franchise can find a coach that is good that fits this category to be the front man as the HC like Marcel B.

They did acquire that deal last season last minute and since then CBS sports net has taken on a lot of different sports leagues and really has done a great job of promoting all of the sports that they have during other programming and on the CBS sports net website.
Arena Football, NBA D-League, NCAA college hockey package of games, MLL and NLL lacrosse, and of course college basketball game rights from there parent CBS among other's.
I think the deal is that the league pays for the broadcast fees and they can recoup there money or make profit from the sale of the commercial advertising.
I think that most of the last of the top players who stayed loyal to the UFL have now all sought out other options in the CFL or Arena Football league now.

I remember reading back in 2009 or 2010 that Marcel and his family bought a house on the mountain. My guess is that he still lives there. I would take him over George Cortez any day. It would be nice to see him land a job in the CFL again.

The UFL sure is resilient even though they have pretty much shut down twice. I have seen a few UFL games online since 2009 when it started. It's certainly better than arena football and they put a few interesting twists in the rules to help separate it from the NFL a bit. The downfall of the UFL is very low pay. Several contracts are only around 25,000.

In 09 when it started one of the two US networks had Doug Flutie as a colour man. It was also interesting to see Zeke Moreno and Jeff Garcia play in the UFL.

The level of talent that was in the UFL for its 4 or 5 teams from '09 to '11 was very high. The roster's were filled with NFL free agents getting off there rookie contracts, out of practice roster eligibility, or veteran late NFL cuts who were able to sign on with an NFL team near the end of the season do to injuries as was the UFL's basis for the league. to give these bubble guys a place to play for pay be in football shape and be able to join an NFL team second half of the season as well as developng some rookies who for one reason or another did not get an NFL shot. Noel Devine due to size, J. Masoli do to legal issues in college. It turned out to be a great league for players to segway from the NFL or NCAA to the CFL. It also gave an Arena League player another play for pay job after the spring season and get more game film. The UFL actually served three leagues two that were of higher level and one the Arena at a lower level.
What helps with the Arena Football league is the ability to play in modern venues where the UFL teams often had played in older stadiums on college campuses.
The Nighthawks in Omaha took there games to a newer minor league baseball stadium and Sacremnto did the same last season and Vegas had looked in the same direction. With the Minor league baseball seasons basically over by the beginning of September it was a perfect fit as the stadium would not have to be changed back and forth.
Many Soccer specific stadiums with smaller 20K seating and close to the field seats could also be a good direction for the UFL look to.

I got the Vibe Ottawa is calling!?

UFL was a PITA for the CFL. I figured it was good for the CFL when it failed but now the end result is the nFL expanding their rosters, not sure which one is worse.

Why? wouldn't Ottawa want a coach with a better record? I think he will have to make his way back up to a head coaching job and that will take some time. Why hasn't any other CFL team hired him as an assistant?
Ottawa just like Hamilton this year and Toronto last year will go after an experienced NCAA or NFL assistant.
He may be a former Ottawa guy but that doesn't qualify him for the head coaching job in Ottawa.

I imagine that he could have had some interest from teams in the CFL for assisting coach position on the Offensive side of the ball but as mentioned earlier he was a volunteer asst of the Omaha Night Hawks OC last year due to the fact that he was stil getting paid by Hamilton. Haivng a CFL connection with HC Bart Andurs made sense for him to go to Omaha.
I guess it depends on if he is still being paid by Hamilton again this season or not.
If he is still getting paid for the 2013 season unless he is offered a job such as an OC this season with a buyout from hamilton being a postion coach at the salary would not make sense.
If he is getting paid still he could still look to be a volunteer again in the UFL since the rumors here are that they are coming back or could also be added to a CIS staff as an assitant coach while drawing a HC salary from the Cats.
I could see him at WLU with Faulds being a new young HC in the CIS.
Remenber Faulds went right from starting QB at Western in '09 to OC at York in '10.

I dont think he’ll go to the CIS especially as an assistant coach.i think Ottawa will be a good fit as well…maybe as an assistant but in reality ,there arent many other options out there that havent been tried before…i dont think you will ever see dickenson come east to coach…you knew cortez wouldnt be out of work too long…too many smart football people knew creehan was a last minute hire with no other options and he was the downfall of our team last year.

Again, I will ask - Why would Ottawa be a good fit?
Is it just because he was from Ottawa? Does that qualify him to be a coach in the CFL again? Wouldn't Ottawa want to start fresh with proven ex NFL or NCAA talent?
Montreal, Toronto, Hamilton all went south of the border to get the best coaches available. Hamilton didn't shop around for fired coaches last year they found a guy that left the CFL to pursue a job in the NCAA, he wasn't let go because of a few losing seasons.

Well to be fair Ottawa could do a lot worse for a HC of an expansion team. before he became the HC the Cats were coming off 3 or 4 dreadful seasons with 3 or 4 wins each year and brought them up to a .500 team but could not get them any further in his three years so releiving him of his HC duties last year were warrented when a guy like Cortez became available but Cortez was never a head coach and in his 60's now the Cats returned to the basement.
Marcel B was successful at the CIS level worked his way up the ranks of the CFL level.
He knows Canadian football from a CIS level of players for the draft to the CFL level and still under 50 years old could warrant a second chance for a HC spot in the CFL.
Right now are there any other potential candidates out there that would be a fit for a CFL expansion team?

There are better candidates than TheMarcel. Chris Jones and Jacques Chapdelaine come quickly to mind. I'd put TheMarcel in the same category as TheDanny.

Chris Jones does come to mind but I think that his set up in Toronto as the asst Head coach/DC/asst GM may be paying him the same numbers as he could get in Ottawa and he appears to be grooming for the GM job in Toronto.
Milanovich and Jones were supposedly going to hire each other, being such good friends, if either got a HC job where they would co coach Milanovich gets the O and Jones gets the D with the one not HC being named and pais as asst HC.
Chapdlane is also a good candidate and being passed over by Montreal he would most likley love to get back to the East build a great Ottawa team and shove in Jim Popps and Montreal face, with there "thinking outside the box" HC hiring, and knock the big boys off the top spot for good after a regn of dominance that started when they were the Baltimore Stallions.
Chapdealaine and Marcell have had similair paths starting as CIS coaches only Chaps has not gotten his HC shot yet in the CFL. This could be it. He also be a nice fit as a front man HC for the eastern Ottawa-gatineau area knowing the CIS and CFL and Canadian talent