Marcel Bellefeuille should be fired!

I have gone around the Internet (this site, and TSN, etc). The Riders fans have been explicit in explaining Bellefeuille's playbook (he was there offensive coordinator a few years ago). What I mean is that they knew every play tonight and they saw nothing new. They were able to recognise the plays on TV. If fans can anticipate what wil happen on offense, what do you think a pro defensive coordinator can do?

Our offense is screwed with Bellefeuille. Fire Bellefeuille and AC. We are the laughing stock of the CFL right now. Read the other forums and other websites if you don't beleive me. Everyone sees it!

SPAM or crazy talk. You guys decide...maybe both....

For as bad as I thought he was while he was here, I don't think you can fire him after one game. Calvillo is a lot better than who we had quarterbacking during his tenure here and perhaps they can find a happy medium. I just doubt you'll see the explosive offense you might have been used to.

Have fun boys, now you know what it was like to watch the Roughriders squander all sorts of talent when Bellefeuille's 'prevent offence' was employed here.
I don't want to sound mean spirited, but I hope you keep him.

Bellefeuille's basic flaw is that he tries to employ a short passing game with a run focused offence.
Too bad that a run prevent defence also works great against a short passing game.
If you stretch the defence down the field, that gives the running back a chance to rip off big gains if he gets into the open.

Maybe the fans will now understand what a disaster Popp and Bellefeuille are to the team. They better hurry and sign Calvillo to an extension or you might see a wack of players head out of town at season’s end.

This is all Popp and Wettenhaul’s fault.

With Bellefeuille as coordinater you should cue the horror show music every time your offence runs onto the field, cause that's what it gonna be like.
In Saskatchewan we learned not to drink beer out of bottles when watching the game on TV, we used cans, it's a lot easier on the TV screen.
Keep the women and children away as well, they don't need to hear all those bad words. 8)

Calvillo's a veteran passer with a ton of experience calling his own game. Unless he's been forbidden to do so, I have to believe he'll tire of throwing outs into tight coverage and short curls that require too much timing to complete on a consistent basis. My bet is he'll be checking out of the routes he doesn't like and calling for patterns that'll make him more successful.

The game's still in Calvillo's hands, regardless of who calls the initial play.

And while I have to admit the yards-per-attempt average was way too low last night, there were some deep balls thrown, just not completed. Two balls down the sideline to Green should have drawn interference calls but didn't, and Watkins was close on a couple in the middle of the field.

Thurmon will help on second down when he's back, and Bratton will be productive as AC gets more confidence in him. There's also Stala in the wings who's due.

Ouch - if you didn't see the game, and merely glance at the score, you'd assume the Alouettes scored at least 1 touch down. 3 safeties and a missed FG??

I said this elsewhere, but I'll say it again: we should have hired Chapdelaine. He's just come off a Grey Cup win and you don't even make a pitch for him? The whole Bellefeuille hiring stinks of connections over qualifications. Popp himself staying on as a head coach is an unbelievable act of hubris. I will give the team a few weeks before I pass judgment, but in my heart of hearts I feel that this offense is going to be a disaster all season long.

I think we need to be a little patient here. It will take a couple of games for this offence to hit its stride. Both QBs looked very confused last night. The big difference is that Joseph has the legs to get him out of trouble.

It's perfectly normal for defences to dominate early. Look at Toronto and BC...same thing. Honestly, I would be more worried if I were Edmonton and Winnipeg. Those defences were atrocious on Thursday.

Besides, I would rather see the Als stumble at first and improve as opposed to what they usually the first 7 or 8 games only to barely hang on through the end of the season and playoffs. That being said, if they are still playing like that come week 5, we got a problem on our hands.

The scary thing is that Calvillo is all we got. The Als are NOT grooming a successor.
A plan may be to duplicate what the Als did in the mid-seventies with Jimmy Jones and Sonny Wade.
Have Brady start, since he has the scrambling ability and this offensive scheme obviously needs it. If it doesn't work, go to Calvillo.
In the 70s, Jones would start and Wade would come to the rescue if he faltered.
Face it. AC's best days are behind him, and the Als have to look to the future.

Unlike many fans who were at the stadium last night, I haven't given up on them already. There's still 17 games to go. I also didn't give up on Calvillo. He played good last night, thre the ball to open receivers, and yes of course, he made throws he shouldn't of thrown. No one is perfect, is Tom Brady? Peyton Manning? Ricky Ray? Dave Dickenson?

The offense was moving the ball. We were missing Thurmon and Edwards, who I know will help this Offense with their return. This is a new playbook the Als are running on, and they were playing against the best defense from last year. The Riders have a great defense again this year.

Our Offense was moving the ball. That's a good sign. They need to keep going, now just for 50 yards or so, they need to take it to the zone.

Defensively, they were fantastic. One issue, keeps coming back over and over, is the MISSED TACKLES! This is the basic of football, how many times did they have Joseph sacked, but he got away? The only Rider touchdown, was a result of a missed tackle as well.

I am still confident, that we will have a good year, and will finish first or second in the east.

A good note from last night, was the receivers seem to be a lot better. Cahoon of course was the best last night, so he doesn't count for my pick. I would say the best receiver was Chris Davis. Made good catches, displayed good speed. The only thing I'd like to see him, when he is being swarmed by Defenders, put your helmet and shoulders down and earn yards the tough way, rather than trieing to dance around everyone and lose yards in the process.

1 game, new team, new system and 1 loss. Nothing to worry about yet.

These are the reasons I'm pessimistic:

  1. What we saw last night was just what we saw last season, only much worse. For all the talk about screen passes, draw plays, and imaginative playcalling, this was the same mind-numbingly predictable offense as last season: short passes, handoffs to a stationary running back, quick out patterns, basically dink and dunk "West Coast" offense. Running a West Coast offense works in the NFL because you have four downs to get 10 yards. In the CFL, it's death. DBs stop respecting the deep ball and start to break on those quick 7-yard hitches, usually coming up with INTs. Your time to throw disappears because nobody is worrying about the routes that take longer to develop. Bellefeuille ran this same offense in Saskatchewan, which at least worked better there because he had mobile quarterbacks. With Calvillo, you may as well mail in the two points to the other team. If we can't go deep, we won't win.

  2. We did not register a touchdown. We did not register a field goal. Our top point producer was Luca Congi, who conceded three safeties. That is goddamn embarrassing. We are the Montreal Alouettes and we couldn't manage to put one major on the board in our HOME OPENER, in front of all our fans. Pathetic. I wouldn't be worried if we'd lost a sloppy game but produced some good things on offense. Last night, I saw nothing good on offense except Imoh's tenacity and quickness.

  3. If Bellefeuille as O.C. wasn't bad enough, we have Jim Popp as head coach. The man knows nothing about coaching at the CFL level and the only reason he's on the sidelines is ego. What he fails to realize is that the team he 'took' to the Grey Cup finals last year was Don Matthews's team. What identity is Jim Popp going to create for the Alouettes? Does he even know? Will he recognize when schemes aren't working and overrule his O.C.? Or will he just stand there and pray his assistants can do their jobs? That is not a head coach, that's a figurehead. If Popp were taking resumes for the head-coaching position, there is no way he as GM would have hired someone with his coaching credentials. But his ego is swollen from the Grey Cup run and he actually believes he can waltz in here and be an effective coach in this league with no prior experience. That's an insult to coaches like Wally Buono and Don Matthews who spent years honing their craft. Incidentally, there is NO way Matthews would have let last night's debacle happen. Can you imagine a Matthews team turning in that kind of performance? Not a chance.

i agree kick him out..he sucks..

marcel is garbage, the ALs should have kept the old offense, popp has no idea whats going on, the guy wants be vp, gm, scout, head coach, too many jobs jim, hire some front office staff, or focus on the field, pick one or the other.

Before we put too much blame on Bellefeuille...As many of you have already emphasized, let's remember a few things. It's a new offence. And secondly, Robert Edwards might make the difference in the offence. Bellefeuille had 2 and even 3 backs at his disposal with varying running styles while he was coaching the Riders (Holmes, Szarka, Keith). The Als' attack from last game almost exclusively featured Imoh: a quick and elusive scatback. Not to take anything away from Imoh. But Robert Edwards can pound it up the middle for 5 or 6 yards and wear down a defence. His presence would probably set up Calvillo with more manageable situations (i.e. 2 and 5, 2 and 4). These are situations that definitely won't put all of the pressure on Calvillo to make 15+ yard passes. Perhaps the offence will turn into a boring, dink and dunk, clock killing, go for a really long drive offence. But if it works and the Als start winning, it won't matter. And like Popp said, if it's week 5 and the Als aren't doing well, then we start pointing fingers.

You can't dink and dunk exclusively in this league. Bellefeuile hasn't realized that yet, which is sad. You need the deep ball, you need creativity in your playcalling, and you need to challenge enemy defenses down the middle of the field.

Yes I agree. The occasional deep ball would help stretch defenses. Good criticism. But who can be that deep threat receiver for the Als right now?

Also, while with the Riders Bellefeuille had the benefit of a scrambling QB in Nealon Green. Calvillo can do escape out of the pocket every so often but not like Nealon Green could.

Watkins can be a deep threat. He has the desire and seems to have cured himself of fumble-itis. The thing is we never seem to create and execute plays designed to get him on one-on-one coverage on the backend, where he could potentially beat a DB with speed.

Also, the lack of pass distribution in the middle of the field is disturbing to me. If you keep going to the out patterns, defenses just spread out to the sidelines and either shut your receivers down or pick off passes in the area. Burn them a few times with a crossing route to a slotback and they will not be able to throw a blanket over the wide receivers. It's also a good way to counter the blitz.

Right now, we are running such a conservativ, predictable offense that a child could anticipate and shut it down. We have to start getting enemy defenses off-balance or nothing will improve.