Marcel Bellefeuille is the problem

When will the Bombers realize that Marcel Bellefeuille is the reason that there QB's take the worst Sh!% kicking in the league. His play calling, pass protection schemes are brutal. No slide protection, moving of the pocket. Glenn January said this a year ago that Winnipeg is predictable. Their QB is like a piñata that hangs in the same place on every down so even a blind man will find him. There is no guess work on part of the defense. They just have to attack the bulls eye that has already been drawn on the field for them and a result the Oline has to do the reacting which always puts them a step behind.

The positive is they have won two more games than I expected this year. 25 years without a Grey Cup, I wonder could they make it to 50 as that would be truly impressive. Go Bombers, Go

Bellefeuille has always had trouble keeping his QBs healthy. In 2007, with Bellefeuille running the offense, the Alouettes allowed a league-worst 64 sacks and could not protect Calvillo.

Buellefille is a good coach, but not an elite coach. He is a stepping stone guy, who a team can hire in the transition between being bad, and being great. That's how Hamilton used him before canning him. He knows how to do the job in a respectable way, but will never take you to the promised land. Winnipeg will fire Buellefille as soon as someone better becomes available, or the talent on O improves.

Well said Blue Tees. He's an adequate coach for the time being. It was best for Willy as well to have the same system in place for 2 years in a row. Are there any big names as OC currently not employed? We will have to wait to see who's available this offseason.

I don't always agree with the way the offense is being called but Marcel Bellefeuille, while not a hall of fame caliber OC, I think is capable. He could use the run game better. And I'm not sure why but it seems like they have Denmark primarily running deep routes and Moore running short-intermediate routes and I can't understand why they don't mix that up more during the game. They need to move the QB out of the pocket more often but it seems the coaching staff has a preference for the pocket passer type than the improvisational type who can move his feet. And while the wins aren't there yet, Willy's completing 71% of his passes, has had one of the most accurate deep balls so far this year, and has the 2nd best passer rating in the league. He's been able to get Willy to have success. As far as Brohm, you can't fault Marcel B for Brohm throwing into double coverage or when he has a 6'4" receiver like Addison Richards open on a slant he drills the ball at his ankles.

The offense gave up a lot of sacks last year but you also have to consider the personnel we had on the Oline, several of which have basically been ushered into retirement now that they don't have a job here. Oline is better this year and Willy has taken fewer hits and fewer sacks. Yes he has been injured twice but the Ticat hit was a late hit as he was going down and the high-low tackle vs the Esks was unfortunate but these things happen to even the best of lines. Regarding that Esks game the line really struggled, guys taking penalties, Chungh was a bit erratic in his play, and Devin Tyler was pretty bad at RT. You never want to see your QB get hit and injured, but if you took a look at how often he was knocked down, bruised and battered last year, it's has improved overall. Given the number of QBs injured this year, we have been pretty fortunate so far.

Still, I would not be opposed to an upgrade at OC if one became available. I'm not sure who is available right now though that would be a significant upgrade.

I said before that Willy seems to have no problem running MB's offence. Last night was something though and I think MB is due for a big thumb's up :thup: Let's see more of that please!
No one expected Willy to be running like that, and there were some huge holes there.

Letting Marcel off the hook for this one.....IF we lapse back into the same old next game :twisted: Gotta keep it going MB

That's his MO, he comes up with the odd gem which is just enough to keep him employed. The guy will always be mediocre at best. The Bombers keep him around for his overall experience, I sometimes get the feeling that Marcel, more than O'Shea is making the decisions on the sidelines.

8 days to scheme and MB cant put together anything to deal with Hamiltons pressure.