Marcel Bellefeuille interviewed on CHML Sports Lounge

Marcel talks about coaching, very interesting!
Friday November 9th, 20212

Nice to hear from Marcel.
The stuff he was asked about the day in the life of a Head Coach was OK but too narrow in scope to keep it interesting for 20 minutes or so.
Scott wanted people to call in but that doesn't work very well when you place all kinds of limits on what they can call about.
I agreed with Scott that he did not want calls about what he thought about this or that player, trade etc but I would like to have heard what Marcel is doing now...plans for the future etc.

I think Marcel would be a strong candidate for HC of the new Ottawa team. He coached the Gee-Gees to a Vanier Cup win there.

I agree. As much as people liked to bash Marcel around these parts, he did take our team from an embarrassment to perennial playoff squad including a massive victory at the O last season in the playoffs. To be honest after this season with Cortez...I really missed Bellefeuille.

I'm with you 2EZ. I liked Marcel B as a coach, I thought the criticism he received was misplaced, I was disappointed he was fired, and in retrospect I think the team made a mistake in letting him go. I hope he returns to the CFL and has a successful run as a HC.

I was torn about whether to let Marcel go. I am a person who believes that continuity is key and even though everyone was disappointed about a 8-10, you can't forget that we were just one game away from a GC appearance. I would be lying if I said this is what I was saying when we hired George but now in hindsight I think we took a definite step back with the firing of MB and hiring of George. Although I didn't always agree with MB's decisions, I was always a MB supporter and like you I hope he makes a successful return to the CFL.

It's funny how a lot of people wanted him fired, they got there wish and now .......... Like a politician stated in council, Hamilton is known for its Chronic complainers !!

Complainers and disconnected Hamilton city council? Come on, tbey know tbe fine art of agreement and how to leverage tbis art for tbe best possible outcome for the whole city and extended city/region on all issues. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Ya your right. but the Chronic complainers fits Hamilton to a T.

You got that right tc. :thup: And I do love this city but it's too bad that councillors don't think of the whole first rather than simply their own chunk of real estate. Oh well, that's the way it goes as they say. :roll:

As much as I wanted Marcel to succeed...I have to say George Cortez has done a much better job with the offence.
The play calling under him has been very good for the most part. No-one can accuse us of having a vanilla and predictable offence this past season.
If it was not for bad coaching on the defensive side of things, I believe we would be in the playoffs right now instead of the Blue team despite some of Cortez's shortcomings in other areas.

Firing Bellefeuille never sat right with me. I wasn't against it as much as I thought the timing was wrong. I still think 2012 should have been his make-or-break year (I felt the same way about Kevin Glenn). Give them this past season to try to get the team to the Grey Cup. If they don't, move on. Cortez would have still been available (Chan Gailey stayed in Buffalo this year, so Cortez probably would have been retained as the head coach) and I think fans would be OK with a bad season in 2013. I think they should have gone one more year with the Bellefeuille-Glenn tandem and if it didn't lead to a Grey Cup appearance, then they move on.

Vanilla, predictable offense: 9-9, 9-9, 8-10, three playoff appearances
Better offense: 6-12 and worst team in the league

Not going to deny that the offense was great this year -- only a fool would argue that -- but a team is more than just an offense. I'll take vanilla offense and playoff appearances over a dynamic offense and sitting at home in November. Maybe Cortez should have been hired as the offensive coordinator and Bellefeuille should have been retained as the head coach. Sure looks to me like Bellefeuille is a much better head coach than Cortez.

Bellefeuille's results would have been likely different if he was surrounded by better coordinators. He had the benefit of Marshall on D in 2009 and 2010 but the QB controversies, sputtering offense and questionable play-calling held them back. Then in 2011 it was Chamblin's new defensive schemes that further diminished any progress Marcel had made, while falling back to 8-10. There's also the fact that Obie even back then didn't patch up the glaring holes. How many years now have we been talking about our DB struggles? Marcel was a decent HC and deserved a better fate but the stars were not quite aligned for him in Hamilton.